Threatening Children with Hell should be a Crime

Both of these statements, if made to children, should be a criminal offense.

15 thoughts on “Threatening Children with Hell should be a Crime

  1. So in your mind it is abuse to teach a child about hell, what would you call it to butcher the child and part it out to the highest bidder before it can be born? There has to be a hell Gary, where else will all the baby killing abortionists live in eternity? You love children so much Gary why not speak out against the butcher, slaughter and parting out of the smallest and most innocent of all children? Because it is done in the name of your god Gary? SCIENCE! Your religion is ACTIVELY murdering, slaughtering, butchering, sacrificing and selling babies in the name of your god and you remain silent. You're a hypocrite Gary, that is why there must be a hell.


  2. Well, perhaps teaching your child bad theology of eternal reward and punishment to get them to stop hitting their brother is quite sinister. Preachers and parents need to stop that. Teaching your children bad theology for your own parenting gains is akin to being a false prophet. So, Frank, yeah I don't think you would really want to teach your child about Hell in this manner, and anyways, that's not the point Gary is making.


  3. You know Gary, I kinda disagree with you on this one.

    The reason is because the threat in the first is real, while the 2nd threat is iffy at best. The funny is this that perhaps subconsciously everybody do not believe in the 2nd threat, and thus it is not treated as harassment/intimidation.

    It's like someone threatening the kid – if you don't brush your teeth the tooth-fairy is going to be angry and take away your tooth. Even back where I grew up parents routinely say do this/don't do that or the police will take you away.


  4. Threatening a child that if they don't behave the police are going to take them away (which in extreme cases is true) is very different from threatening a child if they do not obey they will be taken underground and burned alive.


  5. Teaching your child about the love of God is good but threatening a child he is going to burn in hell because of disobedience isn't even Christian and it is not what the Bible teaches. That sounds like the parent could use some parenting skills, learning of Christian doctrine, and a lesson on controlling his temper. Teaching a child about the forgiveness and love of God would be the right way. Goodness Gary you seem to exaggerate your point no matter what the topic.


  6. If you are a Christian who does not believe in Hell or in any punishment in the afterlife for non-Christians, I have no issue with your belief system. My issue is with the branch of Christianity that teaches that the Christian god will punish, in some fashion, all those people who chose not to believe in Jesus as God.


  7. Like it or not Gary you are a creature, a creation. All you can do about it is try to decide if you are the creation of blind random chance of a spontaneous self-inflicted existence from nothing for nothing or if you are the creation of a God. If it is a God then which God? Once you figure that out then you can do nothing but accept what that God says about you. If you are the creation of the blind universe then your complaints about hell to a God are as valid as your complaints about “death” to the blind universe. Neither of them care what YOU think or feel about it, THEY or IT is in charge and you can cry, bitch and moan ll you want to but you are under the power and authority of your creator whomever/whatever you figure it out to be.

    At least the Christian God provides a way out, the blind universe offers no one a way out, only complete and utter annihilation and cessation of existence and cold blackness. If your child dies, he no longer exists. He is gone, done, never really ever even mattered because he didn't live long enough to contribute to man which in your religion is the ultimate supreme end-all-be-all of life. The only way his life mattered is to you and who cares what matters to you? He didn't offer anything to man as a whole so in the end his existence was nil. Cry, whine, complain all you want. In the end you are a creature and a creation of whoever or whatever and it/they/he/she will toss you into a pit of nothing or a pit of hell or just wipe you out like a spot if they so chose. YOU are not God. You are a sad little speck on a spinning dirtball. In the end you submit to something greater than you, like it or not.


  8. From your comments it is obvious you don't understand the whole concept of who God is. You claim you have no issue with certain belief systems like you know it all. However if you actually knew God these things would be so different to you. The Bible talks about the blind (spiritually) being able to see and that is so true.


  9. It might be true that you have insight into the real truth, due to an inner spirit, but it also could be true that you are delusional: The “spirit” you hear speaking to you could well be…YOU.

    So how can we know which it is?


  10. I don't/didn't hear any “spirit” speaking nor do I have some 'inner spirit' knowledge. But I do know who God is. There is no doubt that God is real. Argue all you want but if that would happen to you, you would know also. St Paul saw God in such a way that he dramatically changed. Of course I am sure not comparing myself to that (so don't bother with some nasty comment here) but it gives me some understanding of how God can completely change a person.


  11. That's fine Gary. Of course you can believe anything you want. You can even believe that everyone has to believe it your way or they are wrong. However just because YOU believe it doesn't make it true. Did you know that? You are kind of self centered you know….like you are very self centered.


  12. “However just because YOU believe it doesn't make it true.”

    You are right. We both should search for the truth. We should investigate all the evidence available and make a rational decision on what the evidence leads us to believe.


  13. Yes, just because someone believes something doesn't make it true….you, me or anyone else. What makes you think that I haven't investigated my belief? Do you think I base my belief on something to weak to stand? I actually am secure in what I believe and it is for very good reasons. You probably want to hear those reasons but they are mine and you do your own searching. I have found truth. I am not going to waste my life like you are wasting yours trying to prove something. You aren't searching all the evidence. You are just trying to prove to yourself what you want to believe.


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