Germany! Germany! Germany!

“Alle wollen nach Deutschland (fahren).”

“Everyone wants to go to Germany.”

That is what tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and other warn-torn areas of the world are crying out.  They love Germany and they love the Germans.  Why?  Because the German people have opened their arms and hearts to these traumatized, desperate people giving them hope for a safe, better future for themselves and their children.

How wonderful to see Germany and Germans as the nation and people of compassion and giving.  The people and nation who were once described as the “children-eating Huns” are now the protectors of children and their parents.  The nation who sent trainloads of families to their deaths 70 years ago is now the nation bringing tens of thousands of desperate, persecuted families and individuals on trains and buses to safety in the German homeland. 

What a wonderful act of kindness by the German people!


One thought on “Germany! Germany! Germany!

  1. So if they love Germany and Germans so much why do they not bother to assimilate into German life? What I find odd is how Israel never seems to take in these people yet those of Jewish decent who are in office within other nations make darn sure those nations drink deeply from the well of the third world. Why not open your home to some Muslim refugees Gary?


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