Christians have Zero Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Dear Reader:

Have you noticed something really odd when listening to any debate between Christians and skeptics regarding the alleged resurrection/reanimation of Jesus?  Here is a hint:  Do Christians ever present ANY evidence for the supernatural claim in question itself: the reanimation of the dead body of Jesus of Nazareth sometime in the third decade of the first century AD?

Answer: No. They never present any evidence for this claim. None. Nada. Zip. Nichts.

So for which claim or claims do they present evidence?

1. They present reasonably strong evidence that early Christians believed that Jesus had been bodily resurrected.

2. They present hearsay evidence that approximately 500 people, living 2,000 years ago, believed they had seen their dead loved one/friend alive again. But tens of thousands of grieving friends and relatives of the recently departed have made claims of seeing, talking with, and even touching their dead loved one. Just because Aunt Bessie sincerely believes that dead Uncle Bob appeared to her, touched her, and told her that he still loves her, should we believe that Aunt Bessie really and truly saw dead Uncle Bob??

3. They present good evidence that ONE outsider/non-relative of Jesus claimed to have seen this resurrected dead man. However, this “witness” has a known history of having multiple bizarre visions, such as being teleported into a “third heaven”. And this witness even admits that his “appearance experience” was a vision, not reality.

Have the believers of this tall tale ever presented any evidence for the reanimation of the dead body itself? Have they given any evidence or testimony that a bloated, decomposing, stinking corpse suddenly returned to its normal size and shape, the stench dissipating, the internal organs functioning again, a pulse being restored, the chest moving up and down with rhythmic breathing, the eyes of the dead body opening, the dead but reanimated body sitting up, then standing up, then exiting, in some fashion, whether by pushing open the stone door or teleporting, out of the tomb? Did anyone give testimony of seeing with their own two eyes the dead-but-reanimated body leaving the tomb on its own two legs and not whisked out by a group of grave robbers, disciples, family members, Roman soldiers at Pilate’s command, by dissenting members of the Sanhedrin…or by Joseph of Armethea himself???



Because they have zero evidence for the actual claim!

All they have is hearsay, and, generalizations about what “most” people in first century Palestine would do and believe about the “shameful” claim of a crucified-then-resurrected man/god.

And that’s all, folks. And they ask you to believe that this is “very strong” evidence???



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