The Christian God is not who Conservative Christians claim him to be

Dear conservative/orthodox Christian:

Every time you step inside a church; every time you open your Bible; every time you begin to pray, ask yourself these questions:

1.  Why would a “perfect” God need or want to create a universe with little creatures and beings?  Was he bored, lonely?

2.  Why would an “all-knowing” God create human beings if he knew that by the time of Noah he would “regret” having made them?

3.  Why would a “just” God condemn billions of human beings, for thousands of years, to lives of massive suffering, disease, violence, and death solely due to the disobedience of two of them?

4.  Why would a “loving” and “merciful God condemn all of mankind to horrific suffering in this life and for most, horrific eternal torment in the next, just for the crime of eating some of his fruit?

If this God exists, he is neither perfect, all-knowing, just, loving, or merciful.  If this God exists he is malevolent, indecisive, unjust, vindictive, and merciless.  If this God exists, he is a Monster.

Let’s stop describing this alleged being with virtues he does not possess.

Is this the real Yahweh?

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