I have been Censored for Blasphemy

…with justice and liberty for all

Well, I guess you can’t refer to the alleged, reanimated, walking/talking, broiled-fish-eating, dead body of Jesus as a “zombie” on Theology Web, the Christian forum on which I and “Nick the Christian” were having a debate.  Here are my blasphemous censored comments along with the Christian moderator, “CP” ‘s, reprimand:

Gary:      So what! Someone could do a peer reviewed article on the human-sacrifice practices of the ancient Mayans! That doesn’t mean that members of the peer review board believe that human sacrifices really do appease Mayan gods.

Just admit it Nick. The “evidence” for your supernatural, first century Edited by a Moderator story is pathetic. It isn’t even good enough to make it into a high school history textbook.

….Skeptics have been debating Christians for two millennia using historical data and philosophical theory, and what good has it done??

I believe that modern society has advanced to the point that belief in flying witches, spell-casting warlocks, and their equivalents, should only be things seen and believed in the movies. It is time to expose ALL superstitions for the silly fantasies that they are. Edited by a Moderator •”

Moderated By: CP

You are a guest on a Christian site. It is not necessary for us to allow you to post blasphemy. Please tone it down a bit, and refrain from this type of conduct. Thanks.

Gary’s analysis:

It’s 2015.

However, in this modern, highly educated, technologically advanced world, you can still get yourself killed for drawing a cartoon of a Muslim prophet. And, you can get your speech censored on an internet forum for describing the alleged reanimated body of the Christian prophet, Jesus, as a zombie.

That is censorship, folks. That is not free speech.

This situation exposes the dangers of conservative theism; Christian, Muslim, or otherwise. “Blasphemy” should not be a crime in our modern world! Using vulgar, sexually explicit speech, or speech endorsing violence against other peaceful, law abiding people should not be tolerated, but “blasphemy”??

This is why I, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and other non-theists speak out against conservative religion. It is a danger to liberty and freedom for ALL.

Lastly, I ended my debate with Nick on Theology Web with one point that every conservative Christian should seriously consider: If the evidence for the historicity of the bodily resurrection of Jesus is so good, as Nick and other Christian apologists claim, then why is it that NOT ONE public university on the planet includes the resurrection of Jesus in their world history textbooks as an historical event?


61 thoughts on “I have been Censored for Blasphemy

  1. Why does everyone fall back to the “mom's basement” thing? That's very 2006 of you. Don't you have some pokemon or anime to play with. I have to go, Mom is calling me.


  2. Well, I never claimed to be special lol.

    Hey remember I'm only 7 years old. So yes don't blame me for being 2006 and trying to be one of those cool kids with “your mom” jokes.

    Nonetheless plus points on remembering the convo from another thread. I think we might just get along.


  3. You type very well for a 7 year old. I have to go now, mommy is calling me and she is not pleased with my all night minecraft & hot-pocket fest.


  4. What kind of music do you like Gary? I've asked you this before but I get silence. I command you to answer my inquiry. I bet I can guess, if I get it right you have to tell me… I bet you like Joan Baez, Linda Ronstadt, Chopin and Metallica. Am I close?


  5. You like Metallica!? I seriously never would have guessed that at all! Linda Ronstadt was a given. I'd had you pictured as an old fuddy-duddy. I'm not a music listener too'er. I don't really care for anything in particular.


  6. If you were a guest in my house and talked this way (as what was censored on this post) I would ask you to leave. You can go home and exercise your free speech if you want. If I were a guest in your house and slammed your wife and kids you would not like that…same thing. You just don't get it do you?


  7. You are correct, except you do not have all the facts. I was invited by “Nick the Christian” to Theology Web for the express purpose of debating the historicity of the Resurrection. It is my position that the conservative Christian belief in a literal, bodily resurrection is no different than what we see today in science fiction flicks: Zombies returning from the dead.

    I was censored by a Theology Web Christian censor for using the term “zombie”. I did not use profanity. I did not call Jesus a liar. I simply compared the Resurrection Story to a Zombie movie.

    So if you don't like me comparing your belief to science fiction flicks, in your house, DON'T ask to debate me in your house! Because if invited to debate in your house, I will assume that I am free to express my position in terms I choose, with the exception of using vulgar profanity.


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