Would you Believe in a Bigfoot who levitates into the Sky based on Four Anonymous Books?



He walks on water and can levitate into the clouds


How do you know that your position on Pilate is correct?


We have no idea what really happened, friend! All we have are four anonymous books written decades after the event, two/maybe three of which borrow heavily from the first. We are both guessing what really happened. My point is that the Gospels seem, to me at least, to portray Pilate as “moral” as he prefers not to execute an “innocent” man. Based on the description of Pilate in Roman documents, I don’t think he would have had any pangs of conscious in executing any Jew for any reason. My point is that the character of Pilate painted in the gospels does not square with the character of Pilate in non-Christian texts. To me this adds more doubt to the reliability of the Gospels as historically reliable texts.

Ecce Home (Behold the Man), Antonio Ciseri

Regarding the sign on the cross above Jesus, I believe that this little detail is an embellishment. I doubt its historicity, but historical or non-historical, it is inconsequential to the question at issue here, which is: Is there sufficient evidence for the claim of a first century reanimation of dead human tissue, for any reasonable person today to believe it as historical fact. I say, no. I have presented the evidence that Saul most probably also found the evidence for this claim poor. The persons in the first century who did believe there was good evidence for this supernatural story were overwhelmingly poor, uneducated Jews and Bible-ignorant Gentiles. That is NOT a ringing endorsement for the historicity of this claim.

Crucifixion, Matthias Grunewald 

Imagine if someone in this country made the claim of seeing a Bigfoot that levitates into the clouds, and when he presents the evidence for his claim, the only people who believe it are a group of poor, uneducated people from Appalachia and some Japanese tourists.


3 thoughts on “Would you Believe in a Bigfoot who levitates into the Sky based on Four Anonymous Books?

  1. You're a racist idiot Gary, why didn't you say ignorant niggers or wetbacks to? Why just ignorant “Appalachians” and “Japanese”? What is it with you people in California that make you think you're the enlightened few, the upper-crust of societal evolution while rolling in filth? You proclaim anal sodomy between two men is right, good and just, you support sanctuary for third-world invaders who commit crimes against American citizens and you think money, status and the title before or after your name is what matters most. You're an ignoramus Gary, a racist ignorant typical California dumb ass, the land of fruits and nuts suits you well.

    Frank, Fred, Pat


  2. Note that I did not say that all people in Appalachia are poor and uneducated. Note that I did not say that Japanese tourists are poor and uneducated.

    The people of Galilee were considered “country bumpkins” as many in this country would look at poor, uneducated people from rural, mountainous areas of our country, such as Appalachia.

    I used “Japanese tourists” as an analogy to Gentiles in the first century. A very high percentage of Japanese tourists are educated, but most know little of American culture, so they might believe a Big Foot claim easier than an American. I am in no way insinuating that Japanese tourists are stupid. I am also not insinuating that poor, uneducated people in Appalachia are stupid. You can be uneducated, poor, and superstitious and still be an intelligent person.


  3. If that's the case then why not just say “stupid” or “ignorant” people instead of picking a people from a region or country as if all the people in that local are naturally stupid backwards inbred idiots? You picked a predominantly poor white area (Appalachia) for the idiot category and followed it up by an entire country (Japan) for the ignorant gullible category. I guess if we were talking about violent crime you could have used blacks or illegals. What subset do you fall into? Educated, prestigious, scientifically enlightened elite like the planned parenthood butchers who sell baby body parts? They're enlightened humanistic naturalists just like you Gary. How does it feel to be lumped in with those vile putrid filth?


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