Is the Key to Believing the Resurrection of Jesus "The Openness of your Heart"?

Abigail, Christian

Well, they do say there is enough evidence to believe (the Resurrection claim) if you want to, and enough not to believe if you don’t want to. The choice you make reveals your heart.


“The choice you make reveals your heart.”

Thank you, Abigail! You have just stated what I believe is behind the entire Christian argument regarding the evidence for the Resurrection: It is not believable unless your “heart” is prepared to believe it.

In other words, you must set aside your skepticism; you must push aside your doubts about the probability of supernatural events; you must abandon all modern standards of evidence, reason, science, and medicine…and accept, by a leap of faith, a belief that defies everything your brain tells you is true about reality.


5 thoughts on “Is the Key to Believing the Resurrection of Jesus "The Openness of your Heart"?

  1. My heart wasn't 'prepared' to believe in the resurrection or anything else Christian, unless God did that without me being aware, but I DO believe it and I know it is true. It doesn't take the kind of evidence you want because you will always find fault with whatever is shown you, but it is something God gives or does. I KNOW God is there and real and I KNOW Jesus rose from the dead.


  2. Hi Anonymous,

    “I know it is true.”

    Subjective “knowledge” is not evidence. You may be right or wrong in your subjective “knowledge”, but the basis of your claim cannot be based on subjectivism.

    After all many other religions claim subjective knowledge of a God or gods and Muslims and Jews would say there is no reliable evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus. They believe it very likely that Jesus did not rise from the dead..

    And what do you say to the Muslim who says “I know” that Mohamed flew on a horse. Their subjective knowledge is contrary to the law of gravity.

    People don't rise from the dead as far as we know, so if Jesus rose bodily, we would require a lot more evidence than we would for ordinary events. So what evidence do you present? it is not enough to say “I know” as subjective certainty is often mistaken.


    John Arthur


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