Why do Educated Christians and Educated Non-Christians view the Evidence for the Resurrection so very Differently?


How is it possible that two groups of educated, modern people can look at the evidence for the Resurrection claim of Jesus of Nazareth and come to such very different conclusions?  How can educated Christians see the evidence for the Resurrection as so overwhelming that it is not worth their time to seriously question it, while educated Jews, Muslims, atheists, and others, find the evidence for this supernatural claim so pathetically poor and down right ridiculous?

It really is baffling to me.

Christians have frequently accused me of not believing because I don’t want to believe; that there is some ulterior motive for my deconversion from the Christian religion; that I have rejected the supernatural without sufficient evidence to do so.  However, what then is the reason for the non-belief of Jews and Muslims in this supernatural claim?  These groups certainly believe in supernatural acts of God.  Why do these groups see the evidence for the Resurrection claim as so unconvincing?  It can’t be because they don’t believe in the supernatural.  Do Christians seriously believe that Jews and Muslims actually do see how strong the evidence is for the Resurrection claim, but, they have conspired to deny it, as they too have an ulterior motive for rejecting it??

This is my challenge for ChristiansDemand the same level of evidence for the Resurrection claim as you would apply to the supernatural claims of any other religion.

For instance, would you believe a new religion’s claim that their recently deceased prophet flew through the air like a jet airplane just because:

1.  Their holy book points to passages in the Hebrew Bible that appear to “prophesy” about the coming of this flying prophet.

2.  The people who are converting to this new religion are people who do not believe in flying prophets, so for them to believe it, something really spectacular must have occurred to convince them that this prophet did fly.

3.  The founders of this new religion are willing to endure persecution and even death in defense of their claim of a flying prophet.

4.  The new religion spreads rapidly even under intense persecution.

5.  The new religion has the written statement of one deceased man who says he saw the flying prophet himself on a deserted desert highway, and, that someone told him that 500 people, at the same time, in the same place, also saw the flying prophet.

6.  And there is much more similar “evidence” for this religion’s claim of a flying prophet.

Would all of this “evidence” convince you that this new religion really did have a flying prophet?  Seriously dear Christian, what evidence would you require to believe that a modern day man can fly through the air, without any mechanical assistance, at the speed and altitude of a jet airplane?

THAT is how we non-believers view your claim that a dead and decomposing first century man in Palestine was reanimated by an ancient middle-eastern god to walk out of his grave, hang out with his friends for forty days, and then levitate into outer space.


22 thoughts on “Why do Educated Christians and Educated Non-Christians view the Evidence for the Resurrection so very Differently?

  1. What I don't understand is if it is so silly, stupid and foolish then why waste time trying to deconvert those who are happy in their faith? Why do you want to deconvert them too? We know why Christians try to witness to people, they believe in hell and don't want anyone to go to hell, but what is your motive Gary? Do you just want to make others as miserable as you are? What else could it possibly be? Don't even waste time with the “I want people to follow science, logic and reason!” why? What business is it of yours if someone doesn't want to be sailing on a sinking ship with you? Why do you go to Christian websites and actually try to deconvert people? Why?


  2. Let me answer that for Gary –

    It's because of people like you.

    Similarly, if Gary is sailing on a sinking ship, why don't you just let him do it himself and he'll eventually drown? If you think that is a lousy argument, the same could be said of yours.



  3. Then why doesn't Gary allow the same curtsey with regards to Christians? Why does he go into their forums and websites and try to deconvert them was the question.

    None of these comments or people would even be on here if he would quit going onto THEIR sites trying to convert them to his fundamental cult. You don't even know what my argument is, how scientific and logical of you to assume it is already defeated. You guys are all the same, egotistical arrogant, obnoxious prideful assholes.

    I am perfectly fine with letting him sink alone with his ship, if he would just stop sailing into our ports trying to disturb our ships. You guys are such hypocrites!


  4. I try to limit my proselytizing to conservative Christian blogs. I proselytize on conservative Christian blogs because I am a former member of their cult. I want to assist others escape this cult.

    Conservative Christianity is a cult that attempts to control individuals and society with its ancient, scientifically-ignorant, discriminatory superstitions. It is a cult that uses fear (of divine punishment) to maintain control over its members.

    It is evil.

    I am exposing this evil cult. I am exposing my former cult. If I were an ex- Muslim or Mormon you would be cheering me on. It is only because it is YOUR cult that you are upset.

    I believe that exposing your cult for the false superstition it is, is a worthy and noble endeavor.


  5. And yet you cry when someone hits you back? You applaud your boyfriend Powell for blaming Christians who YOU incite and YOU go stir up for replying to you? You guys are so insanely stupid it is embarrassing. I am sincerely embarrassed for you. You think you're so intellectual because you practice a voodoo form of medicine so you refer to yourself a “DOCTOR” when in reality you're a quack. All you do is go antagonize Christians who are minding their own business on THEIR own websites and when one hits back you cry like the little bitches you are.


  6. Let's remember my challenge for Gary.

    It was to come to TheologyWeb and have a formal debate with me on the resurrection.

    He refused.

    Instead, he went and scurried back to his own blog putting up posts there without even asking me if it was okay to use my words in that sense and putting up replies that he doesn't have the guts to put up on the original post and ignoring all evidence to the contrary while claiming to be a person of evidence.

    Gary is an anti-intellectual fundamentalist and it's a good thing for him he didn't agree to the debate as even atheists at TheologyWeb would be embarrassed by him.


  7. Nick,

    I will be happy to debate you either on Dr. Wallace's blog or here. I am not interested in setting up an account at TheologyWeb. Here is what I will do. I will publish a new post here entitled, “Debating Nick the Christian” and you can start the discussion at whatever point you want. I do not edit or delete comments so whatever you say will not be deleted or edited.



  8. Why do it on your blog Gary? So you can control the debate? It needs to be on a forum where once it is posted it stays and you don't have control over it. You want to moderate your own debate? How scientific is that? Controlled results?


  9. I agree with atheists are hypocrites. Is it too much work to set up an account on a forum? Seriously? You'll go to blogs and set up accounts there, but when challenged to a formal debate, you don't want to.

    Heck. This is a forum where I am someone who people esteem. How about coming so you can show me up in front of my friends knowing they can't interfere? Someone like you who can disprove the resurrection with a high school education? Should be no problem.

    Unless you're scared….


  10. I'm just sick of the hypocrisy which spews from the atheists. They cry and moan over Christians who proselytize but then then they do the exact same thing. Only difference is Christians admit they are “witnessing” and trying to convert souls whereas the atheist pretends they are not, they hide behind words like “science”, “reason” “logic” and “skeptic” when they try to do their soul stealing.

    Just because atheists are absolutely miserable without anything higher than themselves to hold on to they want to spread the misery. I'm sick of you putrid, vile, despicable creatures pretending to be noble and enlightened. You're anything but. You're lost, miserable and doing the work of your father Satan.

    A sodomite desiring to place his penis within another mans filthy hairy anus is perfectly fine and sane, you defend this with all you have and try all you can to portray this as normal and wonderful. A person wants to believe in the resurrection and you degenerates lose it. You can't tolerate it, you must put an end to it. You call good evil and evil good. You can't even defend a logical reason to call anything good or evil yet you do it! YOU PEOPLE ARE BASSACKWARDS.


  11. I do not moderate this blog.

    “Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor Bill” was worried about the same issues when he agreed to debate me here on this blog. I never edited his comments.


  12. I'm not scared, but I think you should consider the opportunity that I am giving you. You have the opportunity of convincing many of my readers who are non-believers of the truths of Christianity, readers who maybe have not been exposed to the evidence and arguments that you can present to them. The people on TheologyWeb have I'm sure already seen your evidence. You will have a naïve audience here.

    I promise you this. If you ever once cry “foul”, saying that I have edited or deleted your comments, I will agree to go to TheologyWeb and debate you there. I am not afraid to be proven wrong. My belief system is based on evidence, not inerrancy.

    I have posted a new post where we can start the debate, and you are welcome to start on any topic you choose.


  13. If you're not scared, then prove it. Show up and debate on a forum where none of us can be accused of bending the rules.

    I challenged you first from the beginning and thus far you have avoided the challenge.

    You like to talk, but you don't have what it takes for a walk. (And I assure you, TheologyWeb gets far more traffic than your blog does.)


  14. Try it here, if you cry “foul”, I will go to TheologyWeb to debate you. I want my readers to hear what you have to say.

    So either way you will get to say whatever you want without me “bending the rules”.


  15. Hey Atheists are Assholes,

    So it seems that you don't agree with the argument I put forth, which was basically a mirror of your charge against Gary. So do you at least concede that the whole idea of “leave people to die by themselves in a sinking ship” is actually a bad point?

    I don't think Gary ever feel insulted or moderate comments of Christians who want to speak here. Not that he has any much readership to begin with lol, I'm sure he doesn't mind me saying this.

    Anyway to Nick,

    I'm not sure what's your beef with Gary, but seriously you are sounding more like a bully than he is. Seriously what is this? High school?

    “If you can't take it, well I guess that reveals you further for being unable to face me.”

    Man, this sounds like some bad anime translation. Next time try this line “This is not even my final form”.

    In any case, I did read the debate. I guess you won. Yay for you?


  16. Didn't know having knowledge of Anime from days of my youth makes me 13…. But hey I can roll with that lol.

    In case you are wondering, I have extensive knowledge of the original 151 pokemons too. I guess that brings down my age further lower to 7.

    Not sure why you rather focus on knowledge of my youth and choose to belittle me for that rather than the explicit childish behavior of your fellow theist brother. But hey I'm just saying, don't bother about the 7 year old kid, you know how kids say the darnest things.


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