Dead Human Tissue cannot be Reanimated except in Science Fiction Flicks

The reanimation of dead human tissue
only happens in the movies, folks.

No matter how many early creeds Christians dig up, no matter how many NT Christian scholars Christians find to quote, the naked truth is that dead, decomposing human tissue cannot be reanimated…except in science fiction.

This is why educated Jews don’t believe your Resurrection claim. This is why educated Muslims don’t believe your Resurrection claim. And this is why I and other non-religious, educated skeptics don’t believe your Resurrection claim:

Your evidence is pathetic.

All you have are biased Christian claims written decades after the alleged event. That’s it! We have ZERO contemporaneous Jewish, Roman, or pagan confirmation of this earth-shattering event. Not one single sentence in one single contemporaneous non-Christian document! Are we really to believe that Jesus and his followers had Jerusalem and all of Judea at the boiling point of revolt; major earthquakes rock the city; the sky turns black in the middle of the days for hours; and dead persons walk out of their graves to wander the streets of the capital city…but NO ONE makes any mention of these events except for four anonymous Christian writers writing more than 35 years later???

It’s preposterous!

If any other religion tried to use your “evidence” to convince you that a dead man walked out of his grave, to eat a broiled fish sandwich with his buddies, to later levitate into outer space, you would laugh yourself sick. But you buy this story hook, line, and sinker simply because it was what you were taught since you were a child, and, it is the supernatural tale of choice in your culture.

Virgins do not have babies.
Humans do not walk on water.
Dead prophets do not walk out of their graves to eat broiled fish.
Human beings do not levitate into outer space.

These things only happen in fairy tales and ancient myths, friends. Educated, modern people should not believe this stuff. Take the blinders off and look at what you are trying to pass off as history.  I would encourage all Christians to consider this point: There is a very good reason why not one secular university in this country teaches the Resurrection of Jesus as an historical fact. Reason: This alleged event does not meet the standard of evidence required to include it in a university history text, ie, the evidence isn’t there.

The Resurrection of Jesus can only be believed by faith…the same kind of faith that a child uses to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, or, as science fiction.


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