Jewish Scholars don’t believe there is Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus, so why should Anyone Else?

   This devout student of the Hebrew Bible doesn’t believe in the
Resurrection of Jesus or that he was the Messiah.  Why do graduates
of Christian seminaries in Texas and Virginia know more on this subject
than every Jewish scholar and rabbi who has ever lived?

Dear conservative Christian:  So what is your evidence that a dead first century Jewish prophet was reanimated by an ancient middle-eastern god after decomposing for three days?

Answer: 1. “The majority of NT scholars believe that the Creed mentioned in I Corinthians was written within five years of the death of Jesus.”

 2. “The majority of NT scholars say that first century Jews would not have converted to Christianity unless they had seen a resurrected dead man.”

First, the opinion of “experts” is considered soft evidence. And your evidence is even softer because the majority of NT scholars are Christian believers.

Secondly, you can berate me all you want as a naïve fundamentalist skeptic, but here is something you cannot refute: The overwhelming majority of Jewish scholars, rabbis, and Jewish people have rejected the Christian resurrection claim of Jesus of Nazareth from DAY ONE! The fact that a small group of uneducated Galilean peasants did believe it, is not surprising. Jews do NOT find it odd that a few first century Jews would believe the Christian resurrection tale. The fact that the Church quickly became a Gentile religion is proof that the evidence presented by early Christians was so very poor than Jews rejected it as nonsense. Jews, who know the Hebrew Bible and the messianic prophecies best REJECTED this false messiah pretender, and, rejected all the supernatural claims and legends that developed after his death.

Educated, very scholarly, life long students of the Hebrew Bible—Jewish sages and rabbis—agree with me that your supernatural tale of a reanimated man/god in a new superhero body, who walks out of his grave, eats a broiled fish lunch with his former fishing buddies, and then levitates (or is “beamed up”) into outer space, is a lot of superstitious, ignorant nonsense.

You do NOT have good evidence, friend, for your supernatural claims. You have Christian experts who say it happened, second century hearsay, and A LOT of assumptions.

Virgins do not have babies.
Humans do not walk on water.
Dead prophets do not walk out of their graves to eat broiled fish.
Human beings do not levitate into outer space.

These things only happen in fairy tales and ancient myths, friend. Educated, modern people should not believe this stuff. Take the blinders off and look at what you are trying to pass off as history.  I would encourage you to consider this point: There is a very good reason why not one secular university in this country teaches the Resurrection of Jesus as an historical fact. Reason: This alleged event does not meet the standard of evidence required to include it in a university history text, ie, the evidence isn’t there.

The Resurrection of Jesus can only be believed by faith…the same kind of innocent faith that a child uses to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.


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