A Message for Fred, Frank, Pat and other Theists


10 thoughts on “A Message for Fred, Frank, Pat and other Theists

  1. I already seen that, was it suppose to change my views somehow? Cartoons? I prefer Ren & Stimpy to his crappy stick figures.


  2. You are absolutely correct. I cannot prove a negative. But since you obviously have no evidence to back up the Christian assertion that Jesus and Yahweh are/is the only and only Creator of the Universe we non-Christians must chalk up your belief to faith alone, and not based on evidence; and faith to non-theists is no different than belief in a superstition such as the Tooth Fairy.


  3. You have been presented with evidence time and time again, none of your arguments stand on their own. You simply refuse to see it because you do not want hell to exist because you're worried someone you love may be in there.

    That's all there is to it, this is why you were thrilled when Bruce “kicked your ass” and gave you an out from Christianity. You wanted out, you looked for an exit and you found it. I have no intentions of leading you back in and I feel no burden to prove anything to someone who does not want to believe. I am here merely for the banter and comic relief.


  4. The question boils down to this: How good is the evidence?

    You seem to think the evidence for your belief system is overwhelming. I think that it is piss poor. You are welcome to assume that I have an ulterior motive for this assessment of the evidence (or lack thereof in this case), such as that I WANT to deconvert, and that is certainly your right, whoever you are.


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