Which is a more probable explanation for the Resurrection Story: A Legend or the supernatural act of an ancient Deity?

When confronted with the skeptic argument against the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth… that dead human beings do not and cannot walk out of their graves with transformed, superhero-like bodies…Christians will often respond with generalizations and assumptions about the thinking and behavior of middle-eastern peoples living twenty centuries ago!  One such argument is that there is no good explanation for the rise of the early Christian Church other than the Resurrection Story as detailed in the four Gospels.

Christians often challenge me to debate them on the evidence for this claim, but there is really no need to debate this point.  It is very simple to resolve.  There is only one question we need to ask ourselves:

Which is more likely?

1.   An improbable, but, still natural explanation, such as that all the supernatural claims of the Gospels, including the bodily resurrection of Jesus, developed over several decades as legends, giving rise to the early Church.


2.  The decomposing body of a first century dead man was reanimated by an ancient Hebrew god, walked out of his tomb, ate broiled fish with his former fishing buddies, and later levitated into outer space.

Dear Reader:  No matter how unlikely Christians may believe it is for a legend to develop in a period of 20-40 years, the statistical probability for it being the explanation for the rise of the Christian Church is still much, much greater than the supernatural explanation that an invisible middle-eastern deity reanimated dead human tissue in the first century!

Carl Heinrich Bloch, The Resurrection
Historical fact or legend?


4 thoughts on “Which is a more probable explanation for the Resurrection Story: A Legend or the supernatural act of an ancient Deity?

  1. Absolutely nothing, total darkness (if even that) then all of a sudden…. POOF! —Universe exists, from nothing, out of nothing, for absolutely no reason what-so-ever we get everything. I'd say it's easier to believe someone rose from the dead.


  2. How do you know that there was once nothing? How do you know that the universe hasn't always existed? You assume that the universe had to have a beginning, but you are unwilling to do the same for your invisible deity.

    If something cannot come out of nothing, then where does your god come from? Your answer: magic.

    I suggest we both admit we don't know how or if the universe began, and follow the research of scientists who are working on this issue.


  3. You suggest whatever you like. How do I know there was once nothing? SCIENCE! Science says there was at one time nothing and they can see where the universe began. Are you doubting or questioning science? Blasphemer! Here is where your FAITH in science comes in. If God exists then it doesn't matter where or how He came into being since He is God. What would it matter? It only matters to those who say He does not exist. I am very comfortable in saying there are things I do not know and most likely never will know (hence faith). You're the one with the science and the answers.


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