Why are you Praying to a Two Thousand year old Dead Man?

If a friend told you that he prays every day to his dead great grandfather, seeking his great grandfather’s assistance in this life, and, to prepare a place for him in the next, you would refer your friend to a psychiatrist.

So why do you pray to a man who has been dead for 2,000 years?

It’s an ancient myth, friend.  It isn’t true.  There is zero evidence for this belief other than generalizations and assumptions about peoples’ behavior twenty centuries ago, and, second century hearsay.

It’s a silly, silly story.


9 thoughts on “Why are you Praying to a Two Thousand year old Dead Man?

  1. Hallmark presents; A letter from Gary-

    Dear friend, you're an absolutely schizophrenic moron, let me enlighten you with my sane reasoning of science and logic. I care about you dear friend, I don't want you to be a total imbecile and raving lunatic praying to fake deities like a foolish idiotic dimwit. You're my friend you babbling twit, I care about you very much you idiot.

    Your friend,



  2. So you are trying to inform and change the world are you? (or at least anyone who happens to see this blog). You think you are so smart with all your copy and paste stuff? Wow! Not!! You are just one of a bunch of self centered people who think they know it all now that they have been 'enlightened'.



  3. How do you eradicate all superstitions? You've set quite the task before yourself. Let us assume you destroy Christianity, which will you move onto next? I wager none, you'd not waste a moment with Islam or Judaism. None of the “seekers” ever do. None of the scientifically enlightened atheists ever focus their highly honed beam of intellect and skepticism on Islam. I'm not sure why but if I had to guess I'd say it's because their all a bunch of week-kneed twats.


  4. I focus on my former cult. I will let ex-Muslims focus on theirs, ex-Jews on theirs, and so on. I know you don't like that Fred/Frank/Pat, but get over it.


  5. But Gary you said: “I believe that efforts to debunk and eradicate ALL superstition-based belief systems is a good and worthy endeavor.”

    How would you define “ALL”?


  6. That statement does not mean that I intend to try to eradicate all superstitions myself, only that I believe that efforts to eradicate them are good and worthwhile.

    Why don't you start a blog to expose Islam's superstitions, Frankster? If you believe that they are all going to Hell, you should have more incentive to debunk their false teachings than I do.


  7. I don't blog, I don't know how. I'm not tech savvy like you. You should know this by now, I'm a Christian so that means I'm a doofus. I kaint no speel ankneewho. I bahweave in da gozts an gobwins. whodovoodoo dowedovoodoo whoodo? Duh, der, doh, dee, duh, derp!


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