Can Ghosts father human Children? Take this Test.

William Rehnquist.jpg
Chief Justice William Rehnquist

Imagine your reaction if you were to read this story in tomorrow morning’s newspaper, then take the test that follows:

A book has just been found, allegedly written by former Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist (although the book itself is unsigned), describing the life and sayings of Justice Rehnquist’s best friend, a man who was killed several decades prior to Justice Rehnquist’s own death.  In the book, the anonymous author (Rehnquist?) states that the friend was fathered by a ghost who impregnated a young, virgin, the man’s mother.  As Rehnquist’s friend grew into manhood, he claimed to be a divine man/god, come to earth to save the world from impending total destruction.  According to the author of the book, Justice Rehnquist sincerely believed his friend’s claims of divinity as did a few hundred, possibly few thousand, people, mostly in rural Appalachia.

Chief Justice Rehnquist was highly respected and considered a very reliable, sensible man.  So do you believe this story?  Please choose one of the following options to explain the claims in this newly discovered book:

1.  Justice Rehnquist did not write the book.  It is a forgery.  It is attributed to Justice Rehnquist for the purpose of increasing the believability of its claims and to sell more books.

2.  Justice Rehnquist wrote the book, but wrote it as a fiction or as an allegory.  He did not mean for readers to take it as a work recording historical facts.

3.  Justice Rehnquist wrote the book; meant for it to be read as a work of historical facts; but was at the time of the book’s writing, very ill, delusional, or even demented.

4.  Justice Rehnquist wrote the book; meant it to be read as a work of historical facts; was healthy and mentally competent at the time; secretly believed in ghosts, gods and goddesses, ghouls, sorcerers, witches, and their supernatural deeds, as described in the book.

5.  Justice Rehnquist wrote the book; meant every word he said as fact; was mentally competent; and, YOU believe that Justice Rehnquist had a friend who was fathered by a ghost, and, that all the supernatural claims of this book are absolutely true.

Dear Reader:  I sincerely hope (for your mental health’s sake) that you selected option #1.  Ghosts do not father human children.  Virgins do not magically become pregnant, and they most definitely do not become pregnant due to the efforts of invisible ghosts.  This story, as well as ANY story, that asks you to believe that ghosts impregnate human virgins is superstitious nonsense!  Don’t believe it! 

And finally let me point out the following:  Just as you would surely agree that it is absolutely ridiculous for any thinking, educated person living today in modern, western civilization to believe that ghosts can father children, it is much, much, much more ridiculous for someone to believe that a ghost fathered a man/god child 2,000 years ago.

It’s a superstition, folks!  It’s not true.


One thought on “Can Ghosts father human Children? Take this Test.

  1. Imagine if you will; you are a little green man on the planet AlGoristahn. You find a book buried deep inside a cave and the first thing the book says is “There is a planet called earth and the inhabitants there are highly intelligent living creatures who came from nothing and are going nowhere for absolutely no reason at all.” you'd laugh and throw the book into Obamalake next to Bush Creek. To you as a little green man the story is asinine, to Gary and the scientific community it is logic, reason and science.


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