Was Paul really an Apostle?

Paul was a man of visions. Paul claimed to communicate directly with “the Christ”.  Paul said he had learned all his teachings and doctrines by internal, private revelation, not from the original apostles.

By any modern standard of mental competency…Paul was a nut job.

Yet billions of people all over the world, for 2,000 years, have accepted the word of this ONE man and believe that his writings contain the very words of the Creator of the Universe.

We have ZERO corroboration that this man was accepted by the Eleven as an apostle or that his teachings were acknowledged as divinely inspired except in ONE book of the NT canon; a book that is now considered by most (non-evangelical) NT scholars to be a forgery—“Second Peter”.

Most NT scholars also believe that the Book of Acts was written by a disciple of Paul. What corroboration do we have that any of the stories told in Acts are factually true? None. They could all be contrived to paint Paul as the “greatest of the apostles” when it is very likely that James and the Church in Jerusalem considered Paul a raving heretic.

Why does Paul (or more likely a Pauline disciple) complain in one of the books to Timothy that Paul had been rejected by ALL the churches in Asia Minor? “ALL” the churches??

Dear Christians. Take off your rose-colored glasses. Paul was either a nut job, a liar, or both. If you want to follow the humanistic teachings of Jesus, great. But dump Paul. You have no proof that he spoke for God other than Paul’s claim that he did.


8 thoughts on “Was Paul really an Apostle?

  1. You say: “a book that is now considered by most (non-evangelical) NT scholars to be a forgery” if this is the case then wouldn't taking their word be the same as Christians taking Paul's word? All of them are humans so why bother with anything any human says? Why does any of this matter? You say “most” when referring to scholars but what are the actual statistics which concludes a majority? 95%? Is there a study? Was Paul rejected in Ephesus? No but who cares? Paul was a party-pooper and was always fussy fussy fussy.


  2. Sorry, I forgot to add “Greek.” There are 5,700 Greek New Testament manuscripts.

    And, I am not trying to be crass or sassy, just asking what would cause you to think Acts is propaganda?

    Thanks for your discussion,
    Christopher S.


  3. Hi Christopher. Thanks for the question.

    So we have A LOT of manuscript copies. What does that tell us? Answer: we have a lot of manuscript copies…that are pretty close to saying the same thing. But does that prove that the original document was historically accurate?

    Imagine if we had 10,000 copies of Homer's “The Iliad and the Odessey”. Would that mean that one-eyed Cyclops really do exist? Would that mean that if you shoot a particular Greek god in the Achilles tendon he will lose his immortality?

    Do you see my point? Having a lot of very good copies in no way means that the original is true or historically accurate.


  4. Gary,

    I think each of us starts from a different position on this topic.

    I start from the position that the Bible is historically accurate and reliable, therefore it needs to be proven to be historically inaccurate and unreliable.

    You start from the position that the Bible is historically inaccurate and unreliable, therefore it needs to be proven to be historically accurate and reliable.

    Is that a fair way to label where each of us start our argument?

    Christopher S.


  5. Not correct.

    I start from the very beginning with the scientific method. I assess ANY claim by the scientific method. If it passes, I am inclined to believe it. If it doesn't, I am inclined not to believe it.

    I do NOT start out believing the Bible false. I start out examining any supernatural claim the same: Prove it is true using the scientific method.


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