Paul T. McCain, official of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, compares Gays and Lesbians with Goats

June 26, 2015  U.S. Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in all 50 states.

“A tragic day when sexual perversion and lawlessness won a battle. The war continues. …we should not use the words the homosexual movement wants to use.  It is “homosexual marriage” not “same-sex” or “gay” marriage.

“Sodomy” is precisely what male anal copulation is. It is time for Christians to NOT lose their natural and innate revulsion and disgust for such disgusting sexual behaviors. Any man who puts his penis into another mans anus for sexual pleasure is engaging in a vile, abhorrent, unnatural and perverse activity. “Perverse” is precisely what homosexual sex acts are. Truth.

The Christian Church has been around for thousands of years, and simply because a court of a nation has said that a perverted sexual relationship is a “marriage” makes no difference to it. The truth remains the truth.  You can go ahead and declare human/goat relationships ‘marriage’ for all we care.  Two men indulging in sick, disgusting acts do not change the truth.”

                                                                               —Rev. Paul T. McCain
                                                                                         Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

Source:  here and here.   (Rev. McCain often uses aliases when posting comments on the internet.  Rev. McCain uses the alias, “Kleine (Little) Luther” on the fundamentalist, right-wing, gay-bashing blog from which these quotes are taken and to which these links will take you.)

The Reverend, Paul T. McCain
Publisher & Executive Director of Editorial,
Concordia Publishing House
 Official publishing house of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
Ordained minister and a member of leadership in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod


14 thoughts on “Paul T. McCain, official of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, compares Gays and Lesbians with Goats

  1. Hi Gary,

    Too many Fundamentalists and Orthodox Lutherans seem to hate same-sex oriented persons. How will same -sex marriage lead to perversion? It won't affect my relationship with my wife nor McCain's relationship with his wife.

    Only about 3-5% of society is same-sex oriented and most seem to be born that way. It has nothing to do with perversion. Heterosexual persons are primarily attracted to the opposite sex (95-97% of the population). They are not primarily attracted to the same-sex and many find same-sex sexual relationships repugnant.

    Same -sex persons are not usually attracted to the opposite sex and some of them might find heterosexual sex relationships repugnant to them. Why can't two same-sex oriented persons enter into a loving, compassionate and caring relationship for life, just like tow heterosexual persons. People enter into marriage with a commitment to each other. That relationships sometimes go wrong will be just as true of same-sex marriage as it is for heterosexual marriage.

    Two same-sex persons entering into a loving relationship is fundamentally different from a human having sex with a goat. The two humans give consent, The goat does not.


    John Arthur


  2. What would be wrong with having sex with a goat? How is the anus or vagina of a goat any worse than the anus of a man? If I bought the goat, I own the goat and I can do whatever I want to with my goat. If I wish to make love to my goat then give me one reason why I shouldn't be allowed to?

    Christians are so wrong about this and people like John Arthur aren't much better. Haven't you ever had a dog hump your leg? If the dog is humping you and if you want to hump it then that seems like two living creatures willingly humping each-other. Mind your own business John.


  3. I don't need their consent, they are my property are they not? I own them, if it is legal to kill a goat it most certainly should be legal to have sex with one. You have no right telling me I need it's consent.


  4. Really? A lot of people think he is a rude, obnoxious asshole…including a lot of LCMS Lutherans. Do a google search with his name and you can see for yourself. He has been reprimanded or banned from several Christian blogs for his behavior.


  5. Sure Gary. Google him and find stuff written by people like you–mean and hateful and out to give Pastor McCain a bad name.


  6. Hi Pat,

    The topic is marriage, not sex per se. I cannot see how anyone can be married to a dog or goat if marriage is intended to be a life long commitment of two to each other since goats and dogs do not give their consent.

    Sure, you can have sex with a goat or dog and I wasn't referring to that but sex in the context of the marriage relationship.

    What sex you might have with an animal is of no concern of mine. I am not proposing laws to jail people who have sex with animals, provided pets are not treated cruelly.I just don't think that animal sex is part of a marriage relationship.


    John Arthur


  7. Fair enough, as long as we can all agree it's ok to have sex with an animal and no one is going to cast a stone at someone who may choose to do so. Hopefully in the future we won't have to even think about this stuff, it's absolutely insane that someone feels they may not be welcome into society just because they may have a different sexual preference than other people. I think a lot of barriers will be tore down with this ruling and I see the future can be a bright one and sexually liberating as well. Anyone else going to the Folsom Street Fair this Sept?


  8. Gary you are the most closed minded person ever. If someone doesn't agree with you, you put them down so fast and so low. Your think you are always right but you have changed your mind so many times I don't see how ANYONE could trust you or put any value in what you have to say (or 'copy and paste'). You blame others for hating your 'anything goes' people but you have your little 'hate fest' which is anyone conservative and who doesn't agree with your filth. You are no different, just direct your hatred differently.


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