Justice and Liberty for All

The Supreme Court struck down state laws banning gay marriage today.  Gay and lesbian Americans are now free to love and marry just like the rest of us.  We’ve come along way!  Americans should be proud of this day.  It is an historic day.


8 thoughts on “Justice and Liberty for All

  1. I'm sorry I do not share your happiness on this. Androgynous pansexual persons are still not accepted by society, including people like you Gary. People who claim to be so open and free seem to be two-faced when it comes to someone androgynous pansexual people. Is there a reason why I should not be able to marry my male partner and then my female partner in two different ceremonies yet have them both equally valid?I'm sorry I do not share your happiness on this. As an androgynous pansexual person I am still not accepted


  2. The new law gives EVERY adult citizen the right to choose ONE person, regardless of gender, to marry, giving that person special legal rights of survivorship, etc.

    We are not talking about what is fair, but was is equal. You may feel it is unfair that you cannot marry two persons, but you cannot claim that you are not receiving equal treatment.


  3. So “equality” isn't necessarily “fair” in your mind? Who are you to tell me I cannot marry my male partner and my female partner if all are consenting adults? You celebrate the the liberty and justice for all except for me? Were not the homosexuals receiving this very same “equal treatment” you are talking about? They too were perfectly able to marry someone as long as it was the opposite sex. Now you have the nerve to sit there and tell me they have the right to marry who they want but not me? You're a narrow minded bigot!


  4. I don't have an issue with your polyamory on moral grounds, my polyamorous friend. As long as everyone is a consenting adult—human, dog, or goat—I could care less.

    The issue is the legal, insurance, hospital visitation rights, ect. that a marriage certificate bestows. If there is more than one person who has the right to pull the plug on your, for instance, then it creates a lot of chaos. For the sake of good order, we allow each person to pick one person to have this special right.

    If some means can be found to overcome this difficulty so that each citizen can select numerous persons to have spousal benefits and rights, I would have no problem with it. Tell you what, you come up with a method for resolving the conflict of multi-person spousal rights, and if it seems workable, I'll give you my hearty endorsement.

    Sound good?


  5. Ok. You have my full support.

    However, you still should designate one of your spouses to have the final authority to pull your plug.

    I'd let the goat do it.


  6. I don't understand why you're making a mockery of my lifestyle. Would you tolerate me making fun of homosexuals on here? I would hope not. To me this is very serious issue and very important and real to me, you seem to think it is funny that I can love more than one person and more than one gender and wish to spend the rest of my life with both of them. I expected a little more from you after reading some of your pro-homosexual entries on here. Apparently I was sadly mistaken and while you seem to be fair-minded about homosexuals marrying you're making a joke out of my lifestyle. You're just as bigoted as the Christians you cry about on here Gary. What a disappointment, seems you haven't left it all behind after-all.


  7. Dear Pat,

    Sorry. I took you for a facitious conservative Christian. I apologize.

    I have no issue with polyamorous, adult relationships. Live and let live is my motto.


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