Asking Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor Bill to provide Evidence, not Bible Verses

I had the following discussion by email with (Fundamentalist Baptist) Pastor Bill approximately a week ago.  I haven’t heard from him since so it is possible that he has decided not to continue our discussion regarding my loss of faith and the reliability, divine inspiration of the Bible.  Time will tell, I guess.

Pastor Bill:

…salvation is a wonderful thing, the more I try to give it away the better it is
to me. Actually, I’ve enjoyed writing, I’ve enjoyed the study, I’ve enjoyed the
prayer in preparing.

It is exciting to think that maybe someone, someday reading your blog would come
to know Christ as their Saviour.

Let me know… I actually have an answer about ready concerning the word “Hell”
and the Jewish Bible…

In Christ and Happy,
Pastor Bill
Col 2:6


Dear Pastor Bill,

Thank you for offering to continue our discussion.  However, I am very hesitant,
for two reasons.

First:  One year ago in February, I was a happy believer in Jesus Christ as my
Lord and Savior.  At that time, I believed that I had been saved as a nine year
old boy when I prayed to Jesus to forgive me of my sins, to come into my heart,
and to be my Lord and Savior.  That belief did not change when I became a

In February of 2014, I became involved in an on-line discussion with a group of
atheists/agnostics/and other skeptics of the Bible…kind of like what you are
doing now.  My intention was to point out their errors, to preach the Gospel
them, and to win them to Christ.

However, four months later, they were still atheists and agnostics, and I had
become one of them!  I no longer believed that Jesus had been resurrected, that
Jesus was God, or that Yahweh ever existed.  I no longer considered myself a

Are you, Pastor Bill, psychologically prepared for the same thing to happen to

I was devastated by my loss of Faith.  I fear you would suffer even more
psychological trauma.  I do NOT want to be blamed for causing you to suffer a
terrible crises of faith.  If we proceed to discuss the Bible, I must know that
you accept the responsibility and consequences if you were to one day realize,
due to our discussions, that your faith is false and an illusion.

Secondly, if we are going to continue our discussion I must request (and insist)
that we discuss actual evidence for your claim that the Bible is the inerrant
Word of God.  I am not interested in reading Bible verses that support your
position.   I can look up Bible verses on my own.  I am very well versed in
fundamentalist Baptist beliefs.  I am not interested in further discussion if
the only evidence you have to present for the Bible being true…are Bible
verses saying that the Bible is true.  You are welcome to quote Christian
theologians, apologists, historians, etc., but I need more than Bible verses to
have a discussion with you.  If I want a sermon, there are plenty of
fundamentalist Baptist churches in my city.

So if we are agreed, I will be happy to continue our discussion.

Have a nice evening!



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