The Naked Emperor’s tailors must have been Episcopalians.

I and my wife attended Episcopal churches for several years at the beginning of our marriage as a “compromise” between her Roman Catholicism and my Lutheranism.  To this day, I still do not know the “official” Episcopalian position on any Christian doctrine!  At the time, it seemed to me that for every one Christian doctrine, Episcopalians had five different positions, with all five positions considered by the Episcopal Church as perfectly good “Episcopal teachings”, no position contradicting the others…at least in the their minds.

Leave it to an Episcopalian to make sense out of utter nonsense, I say.

If you have been following this blog recently you know that I have been posting video lectures by New Testament Bible scholar, Dale B. Martin, professor of Religious Studies at Yale University.  If you have listened to Martin’s lectures I’m sure that you will agree that he is an excellent speaker and very intelligently discusses fascinating insights into Early Christianity as revealed by close analysis of the biblical texts.  Here is what one conservative Christian blogger had to say about Professor Martin:

“…he’s not conservative on what the Bible teaches, for sure, and strikes me as one of these postmodern Jesus Seminar people who uses religious words, but is a naturalist who believes in a liberal Jesus as a nice idea, but doesn’t believe in the conservative historical Jesus at all. He seems to be more like these John Dominic Crossan / Marcus Borg types.”

In his lecture series, Professor Martin picks apart the historical Jesus of conservative Christianity, leaving this branch of the Christian Faith in tatters.  However, during his lectures, Professor Martin refers to himself as “a good Episcopalian”.  How can one believe that Jesus was simply a prophet, not the bodily resurrected Lord God, Ruler of Heaven and Earth, and still consider oneself a “good” Episcopalian, with the Episcopal Church being a church body with a long history of membership within orthodox Christianity, I must ask?

Leave it to the Episcopalians to “spin” a belief system so clever that one can claim to be a good Christian without having one stitch of Christian doctrine. 

The naked Emperor’s tailors were surely Episcopalians!


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