Dear Christian: Do you really believe that Donkeys can Talk?

Balaam and his talking Donkey meet an Angel


From Dan Barker’s LOSING FAITH IN FAITH – Jesus: History or Myth?:

During a debate at the University of Northern Iowa, I asked my opponent: 

“Do you believe that a donkey (Balaam’s donkey, in the Bible) spoke human language?” 

“Yes, I do,” he responded. 

Yesterday, I visited the zoo,” I continued, “and a donkey spoke to me in perfect Spanish, saying, ‘Alá es el único Dios verdadero.’ Do you believe that?” 

“No, I don’t,” he answered without hesitation. 

“How can you be so quick to doubt my story and yet criticize me for being skeptical of yours?” 

“Because I believe what Jesus tells me, not what you tell me.”

One must note that Jesus never told that story —

“I wish I could speak in human language.  I’d tell you that the
story of Balaam and his talking donkey is pure horse shit!”


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