Educated, 21st Century People should not believe in a Trinity

I find it amazing, now that I have deconverted, that educated, 21st century people can be convinced that one equals three and three equals one.  Imagine what Christians would say if any other religion tried to pull this nonsense. So let’s discuss the Trinity of a hypothetical new religion:

In the new religion, Dagnonism, the God, Dagnon, consists of three distinct persons: Dagnon One, Dagnon Two, and Dagnon Three. While Dagnon Two was being crucified on a tree, Dagnon One was looking down from outer space. When Dagnon Two went to outer space to sit at the right hand of Dagnon One, he sent Dagnon Three to take his place on earth.
But there is only one Dagnon.


It’s nonsense. Pure nonsense. It’s not surprising that the Church fooled uneducated, ignorant, superstitious peasants in the first few centuries AD, but educated people today need to call it for what it is: Baloney.


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