Are the Events described in the Gospels "reasonable" for a Modern Person to Believe?

Progressive Christian

“…the gospels still stand as reasonable history, though not without their problems.”


I would like to see ONE non-Christian scholar or historian who believes that it is “reasonable” to believe any of the following:

1. Virgins give birth to babies.
2. Angels deliver birth announcements.
3. Magic stars hover over stables.
4. The blind can be healed with a mixture of mud and spit.
5. Water can be turned into wine.
6. Humans can walk on water.
7. Five loaves of bread and two fish can feed five thousand people.
8. Demons can take possession of two thousand pigs, making them run into a lake to drown.
9. Humans can make fig trees wither by cursing them.
10. Dead people can be reanimated by a traveling peasant preacher.
11. A devil has the power to fly or teleport a man to the top of a temple.
12. Dead ancient sages can be brought back from the dead in a Transfiguration moment.
13. Darkness can occur in the middle of the day for three hours over all the earth.
14. Dead people can come out of their graves to roam the streets.
15. Angels move heavy stones.
16. Dead prophets rise from the dead.
17. Dead prophets eat broiled fish lunches.
18. Dead prophets levitate into outer space.

Yep, all that is “reasonable”, isn’t it, folks?


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