None of Jesus’ Contemporaries mention him…not even Paul

Why is it that none of the contemporaries of Jesus mention him in their writings?   If the events in the Gospels are true, the entire Roman empire would have been talking about Jesus. So why were Philo and other contemporary writers and historians silent about Jesus?

Philo of Alexandria


But there is another contemporary of Jesus who also fails to mention anything about Jesus in his writings, and this contemporary is a Christian, and some would argue, the most important Christian of the early Church…Paul of Tarsus!

In the Book of Acts and in his thirteen epistles, Paul talks a lot about “Christ” but never ONCE mentions the historical Jesus of the Gospels. Not once!  Paul never says anything about Jesus’ parents, his birth place, his hometown; Jesus’ lecturing the scribes in the Temple at age 12; his baptism and God’s pronouncement of Jesus as his Son. Paul never mentions even one of Jesus’ miracles; not one of Jesus’ sermons; not one of Jesus’ parables; no mention of his betrayal by Judas; no mention of the details of the Last Supper other than the Creed of the Words of Institution he had probably “received” as he had the creed he quotes in I Corinthians chapter 15; no mention of Jesus trial; no mention of the details of the crucifixion; no mention of the great earthquakes (two of them); no mention of three hours of darkness in the middle of the day; no mention of dead saints roaming the streets; no mention of the veil to the Holy of Holies being torn down the middle; no details of the burial of Jesus; no mention of an empty tomb; no details regarding Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances other than a list of purported witnesses that Paul says he “received” from someone else, a list that seems out of order, and, even incorrect; no mention of women finding the empty tomb; and, no mention of the details of an Ascension into outer space.

Not one word. 

It is as if the “Christ” of Paul and the Jesus of the Gospels are two different people.

The tearing of the Temple veil

A monumental event that the former Jewish rabbi,
Paul of Tarsus, never mentions.


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