Hell is Illogical

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10 Logical Arguments Against Hell

1. Just punishment should fit the crime. Hell is eternal torture, the likes of which are hard for me to imagine a crime that would warrant it.

2. Punishment should discourage bad behavior. Since Judgment Day comes as a surprise after our life is over, it doesn’t do much to discourage bad behavior.

3. Punishment should rehabilitate. Hell is eternal. There is no chance for parole. It’s only function is to torture.

4. The decision on who goes to Hell isn’t based on how good or evil you were in life but on whether or not you joined the right religion and held the correct set of unproven metaphysical beliefs. No matter how evil you were, Christ will forgive you if you convert. No matter how good you were, Christ will condemn you if you don’t convert. Therefore, Hell is not to punish wrongdoers but rather to torture wrong thinkers. This is not justice. This is a dictator tormenting non-loyal citizens.

5. No moral system of justice can allow an innocent person to take the place of a guilty criminal in punishment.

6. On earth, there is no way of knowing which Hell is the true Hell. Muslims never worry about the Christian Hell and vice versa. If life on earth is a “test”, Yahweh-Allah has done a lousy job of making sure to administer the test fairly, since passing the test will depend greatly on accident of birth.

7. If life is a “test” as Muslims and Christians alike often like to say, what is the test designed to do exactly? Normally, tests separate a population into groups according to their performance. It seems the criteria to pass this “test” is gullibility, accepting claims simply on the say-so of clerical figures. So what is Yahweh-Allah looking for? Gullible boot-licking sycophants it would seem.

8. If Hell is eternal, wouldn’t we get used to the pain eventually? After being on fire for 200 years, wouldn’t we get accustomed to the sensation? Wouldn’t our eyes adjust to the darkness? No matter how bad Hell is, humans would get used to it. Conversely with Heaven, humans would soften until the bliss became part of life.

9. What are Satan’s motivations exactly? Does he win if he gets enough souls? Why would he torture souls that were not loyal to Yahweh/Allah? Even if Satan’s motivation for torturing humans is revenge against Yahweh/Allah, what possible satisfaction could be achieved by torturing people that god had already turned his back on for all eternity?

10. What are Yahweh-Allah’s motivations exactly? If the criteria of entrance to Heaven are submission and gullibility, this suggests a highly egotistical god, if not a narcissistic one. Such a god would be expected to make regular appearances to his followers to bask in their devotion. Yet this same god hides? And this is the same god of their scriptures who regularly intervenes in overt ways? This is not a consistent, believable character.


5 thoughts on “Hell is Illogical

  1. How did the Norse mythological underworld of Loki's half-dead daughter Hell get into the Bible anyway? Probably the same way the Norse mythological gods Teus, Woden, Thor, Frigga got into our weekdays.

    But, of course, Hell really isn't in the Bible, but the Greek mythological underworld of Zeus' brother Hades sure is. (As is the Greek mythological underworld of Tartarus, and the Egyptian lake of fire.) Too bad Cerberus, Hade's 3-headed hound, didn't rate a Bible entry.

    I suppose, someday, folks will realize that mythological underworlds based on a flat earth cosmology just aren't so scary.

    Robert J. Schadewald (1987) The Flat-Earth Bible. The Bulletin of the Tychonian Society. #44.


  2. Your concept of what Hell is, is flawed.
    1. You assume it is a construct designed to punish and rehabilitate.
    2. You assume that it is a physical place that ‘you can get used to’

    Hell is not a punishment. Hell is a choice you make. You choose to be a person that is incompatible with God.
    There is no motivation other than for you to be compatible. Your mom is not ‘punishing’ you by not allowing you to enter the house with muddy boots, it’s just that muddy boots and clean carpets are not compatible.

    Hell is simply this: To be without God and what God has created.
    Doesn’t sound too bad?
    Think about what that really means if God has created everything that anyone has ever known.
    No time, no hot, no cold, no pain, no happiness, no light, no senses, no rest, no earth, no place, no friends, no family, nobody, no music, no stars, no moon, no sun, no love, no charity, no hope, no comfort, no way out…..I gould go on forever…

    There are no lakes of fire. There is no party of debauchery. Just your consciousnes and nothing else…at all.


    1. Your view of Hell reminds me of something: After the victory of Fidel Castro and his communists in Cuba, many thousands of people were tortured with all kinds of horrific methods, including electric shock. The communists denied that they were torturing people. According to them, they were “rehabilitating” people.


    2. No time, no hot, no cold, no pain, no happiness, no light, no senses, no rest, no earth, no place, no friends, no family, nobody, no music, no stars, no moon, no sun, no love, no charity, no hope, no comfort, no way out

      Hmmmm. What you write sounds quite a bit like how I see death. A complete nothingness. HA! You may be on to something.


  3. Has anyone had a chance to read C. S. Lewis “The Great Divorce.? I think he shares an interesting concept of the essence of Heaven and Hell.


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