How did "Jeremiah", "Ezekiel", and "Daniel" so accurately predict the Future?


Christians marvel at the amazing accuracy of the prophecies of the Old Testament Hebrew prophets who predicted down to minute details events that would happen hundreds of years into the future.  But, is it possible that Christians are looking at the evidence with a unintentional bias?

Imagine walking into a book store and seeing a book lying on a table open to the middle of the book. You glance at the page and see that it is discussing events in Europe during World War II. It is very detailed with precise battle descriptions, time lines, locations of cities, etc.. You read a few pages and the descriptions appear to be highly accurate based on your knowledge of history during that time period.

You then close the book and look at the cover. You are shocked. The title is: “Prophecies regarding the next War in Europe by John Doe, proclaimed to the world in 1926”!

So do you believe that John Doe accurately predicted the events of Word War II down to minute details of battle statistics and infantry losses, or do you assume that the author is a fraud, purporting to prophesy future events, but actually writing his book after the events had already happened?

What proof do Christians have that “Jeremiah”, “Ezekiel”, and “Daniel” didn’t do the exact same thing?


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