To Worship Jesus, for a Jew, is Idolatry

I am currently reading a fascinating book by orthodox Jewish author, Asher Norman, entitled, “Twenty-six Reasons why Jews don’t believe in Jesus”.   I highly recommend that every Christian and ex-Christian buy it and read it. 

Was Jesus the Jewish Messiah as we have been taught since Sunday School…or an imposter? 

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“There is no concept in the Jewish Bible that “faith in the messiah” is relevant to salvation in the World to Come.  The weakness in the Christian position is that there is not one verse in the Jewish Bible that says or implies that “believing in the messiah” is in any way related to personal salvation.  The Christian Bible (the New Testament) is the only source for this non-Jewish concept.  The salvation program for the Jewish People is to love God, fear God, and to keep his commandments.  This is the Jewish way to “choose (eternal) life”.  The Torah (the first five books of the Jewish Bible) imposes the consequences of kores (premature death, childlessness, and/or separation from God in the World to Come) on a Jew (but not a Gentile) for worshipping Jesus as a deity, which constitutes idolatry.


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