The Five Minimal Facts proving that a Ghost shot President Kennedy

Have you heard of Christian apologist Gary Habermas’ Five Minimal Facts that Prove the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth was a Historical Fact?  Well, here is my Five Minimal Facts regarding the Kennedy Assassination using the same logic:

Number 1: John F. Kennedy Died By Gun Shot to the Head.

Number 2: Video Evidence shows Gun Smoke coming from the Grassy Knoll.
Number 3 : Twelve Eyewitnesses say they saw something like a Ghost rapidly moving away from the Grassy Knoll after the Shots were Fired.
Number 4:  A Forensics expert and life-long, Kennedy-hating Republican Senator Converted to the Second Gunmen Theory based on an appearance to him by a ghost on a deserted highway to Mexico City three years after the assassination who said that he/it was the second gunman.
Number 5: Teddy Kennedy, brother of John Kennedy, and originally a skeptic of the Second Gunman Theory, converted to the Second Gunmen Theory based On What He Believed Was An Appearance to him of the same Ghost.
Conclusion:  The most reasonable explanation for the five minimal facts above is that a ghost was the second gunmen in the Kennedy Assassination!

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