It is Impossible to Reason with Fundamentalists

Mike, Fundamentalist Christian:

Gary said, “Christians such as “Mike” can blabber on about the origin of the universe, but if they can’t prove their resurrected first century zombie story, they are accomplishing absolutely nothing.”

If only “Mike” hadn’t indicated that he doesn’t believe Jesus is the creator (or even Messiah) because he rose from the dead this poor rubber stamper would have a point but alas though he has been told before he is just too dense to realize that his point that all believers believe in Jesus because of the resurrection has already been contradicted.

You’ve raised points about Jesus not being the Messiah before that have been shot down and you had no answer. Your not much good beyond the first volley and then you run away. cowardly way to debate or discuss things and I don’t countenance cowards.


Christians like you can babble on about Jesus having fulfilled prophecies in the Old Testament, but telling us that seminary graduates from Christian Bible colleges in Texas and Virginia understand the ancient Hebrew Bible better than every Jewish rabbi and scholar on the planet today, and every Jewish rabbi and scholar who has ever lived, is like the flat-earthers telling us that they know more about the shape of our little planet than every scientist.

It is stupid ignorance, plain and simple.

It is the behavior of a cult. It is the behavior of someone who places faith (baseless superstition) above reason and science. That is why a reasonable person can never win a discussion with these people. They are cultists. They are brainwashed to believe that an ancient middle-eastern deity has given them special insight into the real truths of the universe; truths that only they and fellow believers can see. This is not the thinking of rational people with whom you can have a rational discussion. This is the thinking of Branch Davidians, of fundamentalist “Jefferies” Mormons, of Heaven’s Gate, of Jim Jones.

Their belief system is madness. And you cannot reason with a mad man.

This is why at some point you have to stop reasoning with these people (fundamentalists) and just keep telling them over and over: You are mad. You are delusional. You need psychiatric help.


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