Did God have a Change of Mind in the interval between the Old and New Testaments?

I am currently reading a fascinating book by orthodox Jewish author, Asher Norman, entitled, “Twenty-six Reasons why Jews don’t believe in Jesus”.   I highly recommend that every Christian and ex-Christian buy it and read it. 

Was Jesus the Jewish Messiah as we have been taught since Sunday School…or an imposter? 

Here is an excerpt from Norman’s book:

Malachi was the last Jewish prophet and therefore represented God’s last communication to the Jewish people through the mouth of a prophet.  This may be compared to a final “deathbed” statement to one’s family and friends.  At such a moment, a wise person says what they consider most important.  What was God’s final message to the Jewish People through His final prophet Malachi?

“Remember the Torah of Moses, which I commanded him at Horeb [Sinai] for all of Israel—[its] decrees and [its] statutes.”  Malachi 3:22

Christian theology requires one to believe that the very next thing God did after sending Malachi to remind the Jewish People to keep the commandments was to send Jesus to tell the Jewish people not to keep his commandments. This cannot be possible if God is logical and consistent.


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