Why I am not an Atheist

I do not refer to myself as an atheist, rather an agnostic naturalist. By doing so, I avoid having to debate Christians on the “overwhelming evidence” for a Creator. I get to skip that endless debate and jump right to the weak link in the Christian belief system:

“Prove to me that Yahweh-Jesus is the Creator.”

The Christian usually then responds with: “The Resurrection of Jesus proves that he is the Creator.”  I then ask for the evidence for the historicity of the Resurrection…and what do I get:

1. The story as told by four anonymous, first century authors, writing decades after the event, in a foreign language, in far away locations, three of which plagiarize much of the first, with the last part of the story chock full of discrepancies.

2. The eye-witness testimony of a manic-depressive Jewish Pharisee named Saul-Paul regarding his “heavenly vision” of seeing a talking light on a lonely desert highway.

3. Plus a lot of assumptions and second century hearsay.

And that’s it.

And they expect me to believe that some first century Jewish prophet is the Creator of the Universe???

They are delusional.


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