Why doesn’t the Gospel of Mark mention a Virgin Birth?

Mary and the Holy Ghost

Imagine your reaction if someone in your small town started claiming that he had been born of a virgin.  It would be the talk of the town!  He would soon become the laughing stock of the county!  Every place he went people would ask him to explain…again…how his mother had been impregnated by an invisible ghost.

But we see none of this in the Gospel of Mark, the first gospel written, and the gospel from which Matthew, then Luke, and probably then John used as a template for their stories about Jesus.  If there is any kernel of truth in the gospels regarding the life of Jesus, it is most likely in Mark.

But no one asks about Jesus’ virgin birth in Mark’s gospel.  No one ridicules Jesus for being the son of a virgin and a ghost.  In fact, there is no mention whatsoever in the Gospel of Mark of a virgin birth!

Isn’t that a problem, Christians?


One thought on “Why doesn’t the Gospel of Mark mention a Virgin Birth?

  1. if i recall correctly, one of the gospels has an angel visit mary to tell her she'd become a virgin mother, and another gospel has the angel visit joseph. of course, neither mentions 2 angels, or mentions the angel talking with both of them. more “apparent” contradictions.

    also (again from faulty memory) the old testament prophesy in hebrew says the messiah would be born of a young girl, but the hebrew word for young girl was translated into greek as virgin. so the authors of the virgin birth narratives would seem to have been familiar with the greek translation of the old testament (Septuagint), but not the hebrew originals. wouldn't “eyewitnesses” of jesus' ministry in Jerusalem and Galilee that spoke aramaic be more familiar with the hebrew version rather than the greek? another “apparent” contradiction.


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