Why doesn’t Luke mention any Guards at Jesus’ Tomb?

Matthew is the only Gospel writer who mentions guards being stationed at Jesus’ tomb to prevent the robbery of the body by Jesus’ disciples.  Many Christian apologists use Matthew’s claim to say that with guards at the tomb, the only good explanation for the tomb being empty on Sunday morning is that a resurrection had occurred.

But why didn’t any other Gospel writer mention this detail, in particular, Luke, who states he thoroughly researched the accounts about Jesus?

Ex-Christian, John Loftus:

One of the things I say in my revised WIBA book is that since the gospel of Luke does not mention the guards at the tomb, and since he said in the opening that he had investigated everything and swears that his account is accurate, that therefore the author of that gospel disputes the whole story, probably for the same reasons you shared. That’s one gospel denying the claims of an earlier one.

…we already know Luke had access to Matthew’s gospel because he repeats it almost word for word in the Greek in a few pericopes. The dependency of later gospels upon previous ones is accepted by a majority of Christian scholars. Luke knew the story of the guards at the tomb and rejected it!

…Interesting how the centurion at Jesus’ crucifiction (Matt 27:54 – Truly this was the Son of God) could figure out who Jesus was, but the soliders at the tomb who saw angels coming down from the sky etc just take a bribe and are on their way.

I guess you never send a common solider to do a centurion’s job!


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