Jesus, Zombies, and Leprechauns

A member of your family who has two young children is teaching them that leprechauns exist; that leprechauns are present everywhere, we just can’t see them; that these invisible leprechauns have magical powers to help you in times of trouble and can heal you of illnesses; and, when you die, the invisible leprechauns will carry you to their magical land to live a life of unending happiness…IF…you sincerely and faithfully believe in them; if you do your best to do what they say; and if you say special prayers to them.

Would you tell your family member that his belief system is an acceptable worldview and that it is his right to teach his children whatever he wants to…or would you tell him that he is certifiably nuts and that what he is doing to his children is shameful, ignorant, and immoral?

If you would tell him the latter, then why do you teach your children that a first century zombie is their Lord and Savior and that they should pray to this invisible zombie whenever they are afraid, sick, or thankful?


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