The Christian Story Makes No Sense

This blog is primarily devoted to confronting and debunking fundamentalist Christianity.  But the farther away I get from my own involvement in the Christian cult, the more I see the entire Christian belief system, orthodox and liberal, as based on one very ridiculous premise.  Here it is:

Premise:  Jesus is the Creator of the Universe; He is God;  He is eternal; He is the the all-powerful, all-knowing, every-where-present Ruler of Heaven and Earth. 

Liberal Christians separate Jesus from the god of the Old Testament.  This allows Jesus to be the loving Savior of the world, without bearing any guilt for the barbaric real or imaginary behavior of the Old Testament God.  And, the most liberal of Christians, universalists, do not believe in Hell.  Everyone will be saved in the end.

So what could be bad about this liberal Christian worldview?

Here is the problem:  If Jesus is God; if Jesus is all-knowing and eternal; then Jesus knew, when he created the world, that for tens of thousands of years, billions of human men, women, and children would endure lives of horrific suffering from disease, starvation, rape, child abuse, war, natural disasters, and other forms of violence.  Yet the loving Jesus created the world anyway.


Was he bored? 

What kind of a sick, psychopath tortures helpless little creatures to entertain himself and prevent being bored?  If Jesus were really loving, he would never have created us to begin with.  He would have continued his eternal existence keeping busy with organizing and reorganizing heaven.  He didn’t have to create us.

So which is more likely to be true, my friends:  That the kind, gentle, forgiving Jesus of the Gospels is really a sick, psychopath, or, that Jesus was just a man…a man whom his followers turned into a miracle-working god after his death?

Jesus and the Little Children, Vogel von Vogelstein
Jesus and the Little Children, Vogel von Vogelstein

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