If the Gospels are accurate descriptions of Historical Events, why don’t we find an entry like this in any Secular History Book?

Jesus of Nazareth (4/5 BC – 33 AD)

Jesus of Nazareth was born in 5 or 4 BC in Bethlehem, Judea, to Mary Ben David, a known virgin, and step-fathered and raised by Joseph of Nazareth, a local carpenter.  His birth created a crises for the ruler of Judea, Herod the Great, who was tipped off to the birth of the “King of the Jews” by a group of scholars traveling from the East, who had been following a star to find the child.  In a fit of rage, Herod ordered the massacre of all Bethlehem children under the age of two.  Jesus escaped with his parents to Egypt where they lived until Herod’s death.

Jesus ministry began in the fall of 30 AD when he was baptized in the Jordan River by the prophet John the Baptist.  Numerous Roman and Jewish sources testify that a loud voice came out of the sky which said, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased”.

In the spring of 31 AD Jesus performed one of his greatest miracles.  He reanimated the dead body of a Roman centurion’s daughter.  The news of her reanimation from death to life was reported in numerous Roman accounts, even reaching the Emperor in Rome himself.

Other well-documented acts of Jesus were the following, all corroborated in Roman and Jewish writings:

-walking on water
-turning water into wine
-healing the blind
-healing lepers
-healing people of seizures (demon possession)
-feeding five thousand people with just a few loaves of bread and some fishes
-reanimating another dead person,  Lazarus of Bethany

However, on Passover eve, April, 33 AD, the Sanhedrin of the Jews arrested Jesus, tried him for blasphemy for claiming to be God, convicted him, and brought him to the Roman prelate, Pontius Pilate, who after much hesitation, agreed to the Jews’ demand to crucify him.

On April 14, 33 AD, Jesus, the King of the Jews, was executed by crucifixion and died.  Roman sources state that upon taking his last breath,  three hours of darkness covered the city and the entire empire.  This unprecedented three hour solar eclipse was also recorded in other parts of the world:  in China, Persia, India, and even by the Mayans in Central America. 

However, three days later, his guarded tomb was found empty, a great earthquake shook the city, and scores of dead people roamed the streets of Jerusalem, chatting with old friends and family.

The body of the King of the Jews was missing!  Jerusalem has been devastated by a great earthquake!  The Temple veil, one of the holiest objects in Judaism, was torn down the middle!  The city had been covered in three hours of darkness, an unheard of phenomenon!  Zombies were invading the city!  The city was in a state of hysteria, panic, and unrest!  Pilate was forced to declare a state of emergency.  The Emperor himself was advised of the Judean Crises.  Orders were sent to Syria and Egypt to ready troops to reinforce Pilate’s forces in Palestine in the event that a full rebellion broke out.

Numerous Christian, Roman, and Jewish sources then report sightings of the resurrected Jesus all over Palestine, from a second floor headquarters in Jerusalem, to fishing trips in Galilee, to a levitation/ascension in Bethany!

Palestine was rocked with turmoil for months and even years!


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