Do you need to read a "Unicorn Expert’s" Book to know that Unicorns do not Exist?

I am frequently advised by Christians that in order for me to see the truth about their claim of the supernatural resurrection of Jesus I must read a particular Christian apologist’s book.  They tell me that if I read the Christian apologist’s book with a fair and open mind (praying to the Holy Spirit for “guidance” wouldn’t hurt either), I will see that the Resurrection really did happen, just as the Bible says it did.

But, if someone told you that unicorns exist and that you should believe in them, would you need to read a “unicorn expert’s” book to know for sure that unicorns do not exist?

If someone told you that leprechauns exist and that you should believe in them, would you need to read a “leprechaun expert’s” book to know for sure that leprechauns do not exist?

If someone told you that ghosts, goblins, and ghouls exist and that you should believe in them, would you need to read a “ghost, goblin, and ghoul expert’s” book to know for sure that ghosts, goblins, and ghouls do not exist?

If someone told you that a first century dead man was resurrected from the dead and walked out of his grave with a superhero body and that you should believe in him, would you need to read a “resurrected dead superhero expert’s” book to know for sure that superheroes do not exist nor do they walk out of their graves?

If someone told you that, true, dead men do not walk out of their graves with superhero bodies, but ancient, middle-eastern gods can and have walked out of their graves with superhero bodies, would you need to read a “resurrected ancient middle-eastern god expert’s” book to know for sure that ancient, middle-eastern gods do not, and have not, walked out of their graves?

Use your brain, folks.

Of the thousands of supernatural claims that have been made in the entire history of mankind, not one supernatural claim has ever been substantiated with solid evidence, only with “faith”, which is just another word for…superstition!


3 thoughts on “Do you need to read a "Unicorn Expert’s" Book to know that Unicorns do not Exist?

  1. I always have a frustrated chuckle when they say “open your mind/heart” blah blah … as if that's exactly what they did/do to “believe”. They consistently ignore the fact that many of us grew up “believing” at the insistence of our families/communities – it's how it was done back in the days before interwebz. They completely reject any hint of a possibility that their faith stories could be wrong/embellished/plagiarized … yet its US non-believers that are “close minded”.

    Yet, we consistently review new evidence and review the stories and reread the scriptures looking for any angle or minute tidbit that might suggest we have it wrong in ANY way … we're skeptical of our skepticism … yet it's US that are “close minded”

    All we can be sure of is … the world works every bit the same whether we believe or not … and that is a curious observation considering the “great enlightenment” and how much better a human we're supposed to be if we but believe … welp we did that … and we can observe that atheists can and often do act with every bit the moral integrity, honor and trust that the supposed religious folk do, in fact I'd hypothesize moreso. See, it should seem that those “filled with the holy spirit” should in some way be head and shoulders above the unwashed masses as to stand out and it be obvious that they are MORE moral and righteous … yet with disappointing commonality, those that claim to be most influenced by their religion act with the most sense of entitlement and selfishness that runs counter to their religious teachings and yet when they do the most despicable things they avoid personal responsibility by claiming their religion either allows the despicable act or forgives them for it because they “believe”.

    I guess people like you and I, Gary, aren't “open minded” enough to allow our personal responsibilities to our families and communities – to include the world – to be sidestepped and/or scapegoated. Or are we actually open minded enough to know that there never was a scapegoat and we ARE responsible?


  2. Absolutely.

    There is an evangelical saying, “Let go and let God.” What that really means is: “Surrender your brain and do what an ancient holy book tells you.”

    What nonsense.


  3. Gary, I concur that there's much embedded religiosity in such statements as “Let go… let god” … but there's also a secular and realistic practicality for such sayings. It's akin to “forgive and forget” … or to bring up another religious based mantra, the “Serenity Prayer” All useful tactics to relieve stress and regain focus on what it truly important and achievable … and forward looking … not backward looking concepts.

    But as you and I know, invoking god is really just a means to sidestep responsibility … but all these sayings, prayers, ideas all achieve a similar goal to get a person focused on the realistic things they can effectively influence while circumventing and/or working within the parameters of things that are static, immovable or unchangeable … the past/history is one of those things that, no matter how much we my WISH to change any act we've committed in the past, we cannot … because it's already part of history … we can ONLY deal with the fallout for that act by clarifying, doubling down, or changing our stance on the past act/utterance … i.e. make amends …

    To make a broad obvious point – take slavery … it's in the books … and whether people chose to ignore the fact or not really doesn't matter all that much (and when I say “ignore”, I mean because they feel uncomfortable with – not, deny the fact on it's face) … slavery is a historical fact of this country and it clearly was an atrocity … as long as we think and act like it was an atrocity and don't deny that it happened and going forward we do everything to ensure t never happens again … we're good.

    But then here is where religion goes off the rails yet again because their book(s) specify that it is “Okay” … and that is problematic and contradictory to all common decency and morality by any standard … this is why the religious have to cherry pick … but as you and I know … if you cherry pick enough, you'll soon be out of cherries to pick 😉

    At the end of the day, each individual is responsible for the things they say and do and all the gods in the world can't undo or change those things once done. People who do not interact well with the society at large are isolated or combated as a threat to civilized society.


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