The Absurdity of Christians defending their God’s Murder of Children and Babies

Conservative Christian:

Gary, the conquest of Canaan involved the divine judgment of wicked cultures. I know what you are thinking. Well, how can children be wicked? Are they culpable for their culture’s sin? Are they culpable for their parent’s sin? No and no. So, does God have the right to request their lives before their natural death? That’s my question for you.

Consider that this extends to childhood diseases and deaths. Does God have the right to request anyone’s life before their natural death?

What is your case?


So you believe that the targeted killing of children and babies is, sometimes, under some circumstances, justifiable??
Even in war, the targeted killing of children is considered a war crime. Killing children as “collateral damage” in the act of war is not a war crime, but deliberately targeting children for killing; hunting them down; looking for their hiding places and then running them down as they scream in terror as they see you raise your sword or knife, IS a war crime.

Your god would be arrested, tried, and convicted of the most heinous war crimes if he were put on trial today.  He is a monster. How can you teach your children this barbaric nonsense? How can you call yourself a “moral” person and believe this?

Brandon: There is NEVER any justifiable reason to target children for killing. Never.

Conservative Christian:

Gary, you’re just make assertions without reasoning.

Consider how strange the situation really is. God gave the Israelites rules of engagement that spared women and children with only one exception — the Canaanites. (Two exceptions if we count the Amalekites). This has zero to do with modern warfare especially with regards to policy or international law on war crimes.

I tried to make it more clear for you. This is the same as God taking a child’s life with other means — natural disaster, cancer, pneumonia, etc. Only God uses human agency. So, the question is, does God not have the right to request their life? Notice I’m giving you the burden of proof to make a case.

This means you can’t just assert that if we put God on trial this or that would happen. Give me details. Reasoning. An argument. I know what you want your conclusion to be, but demonstrate that your conclusion follows some line of reasoning.


Murdering children has no justification, Brandon. Your religion’s white washing of your god’s despicable crimes is a disgrace. It is unconscionable. Just what distinguishes your morality from that of ISIS?

If I need to give you reasons and arguments for why it is wrong to murder children, your standard of morality defies any argument that I could ever present to you. Your position is IMmoral, my friend. You have been brainwashed, Brandon, that murdering children is sometimes good. One needs no more evidence than this to see your religion for what it is: a barbaric, ancient, superstitious lie.

Here is just how crazy the Judeo-Christian moral system is:

Saul, the believer and follower of Yahweh/Jesus, had no problem killing little children and babies, but spared the sheep and goats. He had no pity for crying, terrified children, but he spared the sheep and goats out of selfish greed.  And much worse, Brandon, your righteous, holy god did NOT punish Saul for killing babies…but he DID punish him for not killing the goats and sheep!

That is madness, Brandon. There is no justifiable reason to excuse this behavior.

It is evil.

I have a bet to make with you: If you had been there that day, and God himself had told you to chop the arms, legs, and heads off of little Amalekite babies and toddlers, do you think that you would have obeyed?

I bet you wouldn’t. I will bet, Brandon, that you are a much more moral being than your god is.


One thought on “The Absurdity of Christians defending their God’s Murder of Children and Babies

  1. this also invalidates “objective morality” that many christians claim. if some actions would be considered a crime under normal circumstances, but just fine “if god ordered it”, and not everyone agrees with what exactly the “will of god is”, and of course “god's ways are mysterious.”

    so that makes it rather problematic, as then there is no way ahead of time to know whether an action is indeed moral or immoral, because god may have ordered it.


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