Does the Shroud of Turin prove that Jesus had a Human Father?

The shroud (of Turin)…has many defenders who believe they have demonstrated that the cloth is not a forgery, dates from the time of Jesus, is of miraculous origin, etc. It is claimed that there is type AB blood on the shroud. Skeptics deny it. Blood has not been identified on the shroud directly, but it has been identified on sticky tape that was used to lift fibrils from the shroud. Dried, aged blood is black. The stains on the shroud are red. Forensic tests on the red stuff have identified it as red ocher and vermilion tempera paint. Other tests by Adler and Heller have identified it as blood.* If it is blood, it could be the blood of some 14th century person. It could be the blood of someone wrapped in the shroud, or the blood of the creator of the shroud, or of anyone who has ever handled the shroud, or of anyone who handled the sticky tape. But even if there were blood on the shroud, that would have no bearing on the age of the shroud or on its authenticity.

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One other thing about the Shroud of Turin I find shocking is that believers claim the shroud has blood on it with AB blood type. How is it that Jesus had a recognizable blood type? We each obtain our blood type by receiving one allele from each of our parents. Here is an example:

“How are ABO alleles inherited by our children? Each biological parent donates one of their two ABO alleles to their child. A mother who is blood type O can only pass an O allele to her son or daughter. A father who is blood type AB could pass either an A or a B allele to his son or daughter.”
You can’t obtain both an “A” allele and a “B” allele from your mother! So Jesus would only have one allele, from his mother, as his father was a ghost.

Do ghosts have a blood type???

The Shroud of Turin is either a fake or Jesus had a human father!

Of course, there is always the tried and true fall back: God went “poof” and Jesus was given AB blood by magic.


3 thoughts on “Does the Shroud of Turin prove that Jesus had a Human Father?

  1. The answer to your question is of course, no. Assuming for a moment that there is indeed blood on the Shroud, and that it is the blood of the man depicted, and that it is of type AB, none of which are universally accepted, we may consider its origin as either miraculous, in an 'outside-the-laws-of-physics' way, or natural, in a 'within-the laws-of-physics' way. If the former, then of course your 'tried and true' (?) “poof” suggestion would be entirely possible, but if the latter, then although a human father would be the most likely explanation, a fairly wide variety of accidental cloning, implantation or gene alteration possibilities are not only available, but have occurred and been studied. Google searches will reveal that almost any peculiar circumstance you can think of not only can happen, but have happened, in well documented cases. You could start with 'Chimerism' for example.

    Anyway, the point is that finding AB blood on the Shroud does not prove Jesus had a human father. Other explanations are possible.


  2. You are correct, if your world view allows for an invisible omni-present, omniscient super ghost to wiggle his nose and go *poof*, then ANYTHING is possible.


  3. Please give me a link to any credible scientific or medical website that describes someone having AB blood by any means other than having a parent with an A allele and another parent with a B allele.


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