My Easter Message

Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount

To liberal Christians, who believe and teach that Jesus was a great man, a great prophet, who taught wonderful humanistic concepts, whose life of pacifism in the face of horrific persecution and violence is a model for all mankind, who celebrate today the spiritual resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth—Happy Easter!

But to the rest of Christianity, who celebrate this day as the day that their supernatural superstitions triumphed over every other superstition-based religion in the world, I say:  You are delusional.  You have been brainwashed by a cult, and it is my goal to help you to be free of this fear-based superstition.

Keep reading this blog and those of other ex-conservative Christian naturalists (non-believers in the supernatural) to see the truth.  Unlike what you have been taught, the universe is not under the control of invisible ghosts and ghouls.


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