If Skeptics would only look deeper at the Evidence, they would see that Christianity is True

When conservative Christians say that skeptics have not “dug deep enough”, what they really are saying is that skeptics have not accepted the existence of the supernatural.  But when conservative Christians say this, they of course are only talking about THEIR supernatural claims.

Conservative Christians reject out of hand the supernatural claims of Muslims, Hindus, and Mormons as silly nonsense.

When asked why we should believe the Christian supernatural claims and reject the supernatural claims of every other religion on the planet, some conservative Christians will tell us that they have “experienced” Jesus personally and that this is proof of the truth of Christianity.  When we point out to them that millions of Muslims, Hindus, and Mormons claim to have the same personal experiences with their gods, conservative Christians will resort to non-supernatural evidence.

And what is the nonsupernatural “evidence” that Christians possess to support their supernatural belief system?  If you boil it all down, it is this:  the testimony of two men—Saul of Tarsus and Papias.

Dear conservative Christians:  Do you see why we skeptics find your arguments unimpressive and in fact downright ridiculous?  You are asking us to abandon our worldview based on reason and the scientific method, and to replace it with your worldview of a universe governed by armies of good ghosts and bad ghosts, all battling for control of our brains (“souls”), based on the testimony of one first century vision-prone rabbi and a few brief statements on the authorship of the gospels by a second century mystic.

You’ve got to be kidding.


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