Dear Conservative Christian: You are operating in a Delusion

Conservative Christian:
I know from experience what holds me together, Who has kept me from and pulled me out of more stuff much of it psychological and some paranormal than I want to think about long enough to describe. And you are not dealing with verifiable or unverifiable really, you are clinging to a belief system that somehow makes you feel better. when I talk about experience I am not talking about feeling comfortable because I believe something. 
I don’t think you want to have your comfortable sense of being on top of everything
Frankly atheism is irrational. the existence of the universe and us is proof there is
a Creator Who is outside of all natural law. As one writer pointed out also, you can’t
judge the creation account by laws of physics and biology we have now, because
they didn’t exist then, they were in process of being created also. 
By the way, just curious, since you are an atheist why are you “lutheran blogger?”
or did you find some church claiming lutheran style you like, that is atheist or
atheism friendly?



2 thoughts on “Dear Conservative Christian: You are operating in a Delusion

  1. Gary –

    Despite my lacking the rather silly “proof” you demand regarding the Resurrection – the premier Article of Faith (which can neither be proven nor disproven – something you and your acolytes ought to know and, as I have countered your ill-informed comments a number of time in the now distant past –

    I thought of you and your soul this early Feast of the Resurrection morning – please do not respond by sending me or referring me to yet another article, as is your wont – and since you also rejected the idea of your having to read something anyone else's suggestions as to what to read. Tit for tat, eh?

    Christ died for you, and this day, we celebrate His Resurrection. Since you absolutely without question cannot disprove it . . . you will have to consider yet again – perhaps escaping your calvinistis roots which are still enslaving you – the reality of the Incarnation, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of the very God that created you, despite your having made ship-wreck of your faith.

    You are still very much welcome, should you decide to come home.

    Pax Christi – jb


  2. Just as I cannot imagine returning to my childhood belief in Santa Claus, I cannot imagine returning to a belief system that requires me to believe, as unquestioned fact, that my world is governed by invisible ghosts and ghouls.

    That is really the bottom line, jb: Do you choose to live in a reality as explained by the scientific method or do you choose to live in a reality defined by invisible, supernatural beings and the writings of Bronze Age nomads.

    I cannot prove your view of reality false, and you cannot prove my view of reality false. We will never come to an agreement on the “evidence” as long as we do not agree on what constitutes reality.

    If people want to believe in the supernatural, that is their right. But when they threaten me and others with retribution from their invisible beings, and when they terrorize children with these teachings, I must speak out as an ex-member of this cult.


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