The Kangaroo disproves Biblical Inerrancy

Kangaroos are only found in Australia and Tasmania.  There is no fossil evidence that these animals ever lived on any other continent. 

The Bible tells us that every species of animal was saved from the Great Flood by coming to Noah’s Ark to ride out the deluge.  After the waters receded, the ark rested on Mt. Ararat, in modern day Turkey, and the animals were let out of the ark to resume their lives, reproduce, and repopulate the earth.

But how did kangaroos get to Australia?  Did they swim?  And, how is it that kangaroos migrated from Turkey to Australia, thousands of miles…without leaving a single fossil in all of the continent of Asia??

Were they flown to Australia on a jet airplane?  Teleported?

The Bible is a book of fables, friends.  Fables.


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