Evidence of Christians abandoning the Bible’s Supernatural Claims when the Evidence becomes Overwhelming


One by one the Bible’s supernatural claims are falling to the discoveries of Science.  No Christian today believes that the sun revolves around the earth, but at one time you would have been burned as a heretic for denying that the sun does just that.

A modern example is the story of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood.  For almost two thousand years Christians have maintained that the entire planet was covered in water, but now that geologists and other scientists have conclusively proven that a world wide flood never occurred, (thinking, non-fundamentalist) Christians are revising their views on what exactly happened with ol’ Noah. Fewer and fewer conservative Christians today believe that the entire world was covered in a flood, but that only a small region was flooded, probably the Euphrates River Valley.

Yet, these same thinking Christians continue to try to convince us that a dead first century Jewish prophet walked out of his grave after three days of decomposition.

When will conservative Christians just accept the mounting evidence that their holy book is a book of ancient, scientifically ignorant fables?


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