The Preposterous Ascension Story makes the Resurrection Story highly dubious

The claim that the grave of a first century Jewish prophet was found empty raises a great deal of skepticism today for many reasons, but there are several natural explanations to account for this event, even without a “miracle”.

But to claim that the same prophet levitated off of the ground a few days later from the top of a mountain, to eventually disappear among the clouds, strains all credibility.  There is no natural explanation for a man levitating into outer space.

I have shown here that the story of the Ascension is absolutely preposterous and absolutely impossible.  If we were to believe the story of the Ascension to be a description of a real historical event, then Jesus would still be somewhere in outer space on his very long galactic space odessey to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father.  But since we know that he was moving slower than the speed of light, he hasn’t even reached the Andromeda Galaxy yet, let alone Heaven!

So if the Ascension story is a blatant, fictitious myth, what does that say about the probability that the same authors, of the same four anonymous first century books, were relating the true, historical details of the reanimation of the dead body of Jesus?

Dubious, friends.  Very dubious.


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