The Demise of Ghosts and Ghouls in Western Culture

Christian reader of this blog:

The problem with Swinburne’s or any other probability argument is assigning a value. This is plainly clear when we see hyper-skeptics assign a value of 0 to the resurrection of Jesus and that based upon their presupposition against miracles. Likewise Christians (such as myself) are more inclined to weight the values positively. This is why I have told you Gary that probability arguments are not persuasive at the end of the day. You have demonstrated here that assigning values to the probability calculus is skewed by bias.


Well said. 

Western society has been indoctrinated with the belief in the reality of invisible ghosts and ghouls for 2,000 years. So if you already believe in the schemes and whims of ghosts, the idea that a ghost man walked out of his grave is not too far out of your range of possibilities.

However, I believe that today, fewer and fewer people accept a worldview that includes ghosts and ghouls, especially among the younger generations. I think that this is why we are seeing steady, year after year, declines in membership and baptisms in all Christian denominations, including the flagship of evangelicalism, the Southern Baptist Convention.

To a growing number of people today, the belief that a good ghost and a bad ghost are battling each other for control of your brain and your “heart” is just silly, ignorant nonsense.


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