If all the Apostles needed to see a Walking, Talking Dead Body to Believe, why am I asked to believe by Faith?

A Christian reader of this blog

Jesus didn’t just rise from the dead as a miracle to convince unbelievers that He is who He said He is. That is not the full story. Jesus is raised from the dead in victory over sin and the devil. His resurrection is not meant to persuade apostates such as yourself. Jesus was clear that those who seek after a sign are a wicked and adulterous generation. No the resurrection is proof that God has been reconciled to the world. Paul doesn’t say that the resurrection is *proof* for the scoffers. It isn’t. It is proof to those who already believe. It is proof that their sins have been forgiven and that is why Paul says that if the resurrection didn’t happen our faith is in vain. So keep pounding your drum for proof, but there is nothing that will convince you other than your own sinfulness. I guarantee that your sins will weigh down upon you. I only pray you will repent before you die.

When does the Bible say that the eleven disciples became “true” believers in the teachings of Jesus in the sense that they were willing to preach the Gospel boldly, risking their very lives? Was it when they saw Jesus being dragged away to be crucified? No. Was it when they saw him die on the cross? No. When the saw the sky turn black for three hours? When there was a great earthquake? When dead people roamed the streets of Jerusalem? When they saw the empty tomb???


The eleven disciples ONLY believed…when they saw the resurrected body of Jesus! Before that they were “apostates”: they had abandoned and rejected Jesus as the Christ in the Garden, and Peter even cursed him.

Bottom line: the disciples only believed when they saw a walking/talking dead body.

And how about Paul? Did Paul believe when the earth was dark for three hours? The two earthquakes? The torn veil in the Temple? The dead people roaming the streets of Jerusalem? The report of the Roman guards to the Sanhedrin of angels moving the stone?

Answer: Nope!

Paul only believed when a walking/talking dead man appeared to him.

So I have a question for you: If the Eleven Apostles and the Apostle Paul demanded to see a resurrected body before THEY believed, then why is it too much for me to ask for the same for ME to believe???

If Jesus is God, he has the power to appear to every person on earth, just as he did for the Eleven and Paul, and give us evidence that the Christian story is true. If Peter, John, Matthew, and Paul wouldn’t believe without seeing a body, Jesus should know that most other human beings aren’t going to believe this incredible supernatural story either without seeing a body. But he doesn’t do it, does he? Why not?

I say he doesn’t do it…because he’s dead!

But Christians will say, “Blessed are they who believe without seeing”, I say, “Stupid are those who fall for such a lame excuse”. If the very leaders of the Church required visible proof to believe, then the Resurrection was not proof for believers, but proof for unbelievers, and I’m not going to believe either until I see a walking, talking, broiled-fish-eating dead body!


2 thoughts on “If all the Apostles needed to see a Walking, Talking Dead Body to Believe, why am I asked to believe by Faith?

  1. I'd go a step further to say that Paul did not “believe” after his “meeting” on the road to Damascus … but only three days (of blindness) later when Ananias came and told (S)Paul that Jesus sent him to heal his blindness. Saul did not spend the three days reveling in his enlightenment DESPITE being blinded – no – he ONLY truly believed and was “filled with the holy spirit” AFTER believing healed then baptized. So even the supposed “appearance” of Jesus was not the determining evidence for Paul


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