What is the REAL reason why Ex-Christians speak out against their former Faith?

If you are a regular reader of this blog you are aware that fundamentalist Christians often point out to me in the comment section that my continued “rants” against (the Christian) god are a sure sign that in my heart I know that the Bible and Christianity are true.

Could they be right?

Well, if one allows for the supernatural, anything is possible.  However, there is a problem.  Talk to ex-fundamentalist Mormons and Muslims, adults who grew up in those Faiths from early childhood, and they will tell you that removing the deeply ingrained indoctrination of their childhood religion is very, very difficult.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes years to “deprogram” and many will tell you that they are never fully free of the fear that:  they have made a mistake in deconverting; that their former religion really is the one and only truth.

Every post I put on this blog is part of my deprogramming, my therapy, my healing, from the deeply ingrained fundamentalist/conservative/orthodox Christian indoctrination of my childhood.  Yes, it could be a sign that God is convicting me of my sin and rebellion…but then how do Christians explain the exact same fear among Muslims and Mormons, even Muslims and Mormons who have converted to Christianity??

Probability says that it isn’t “God” that is “convicting” ex-Christians and ex-Muslims to return to Christianity and Islam respectively, but fear; the fear of being burned alive in Jesus’ or Allah’s Hell; a fear based on brutal and sadistic stories driven into the impressionable brains of the little children of fundamentalist Christian and Muslim parents.

Click here to watch testimonials by ex-Mormons:  I am an Ex-Mormon.com


3 thoughts on “What is the REAL reason why Ex-Christians speak out against their former Faith?

  1. Gary, perhaps you would be interested in the documentary, “Hellbound.”

    It presents all points of view relating to Hell, and traces the development of the teaching in the church, but ultimately the movie really presents an argument for Christian univeralism. “His mercy endures forever..” Perhaps this would be a help and support to you in overcoming fear. Here is the link. http://www.hellboundthemovie.com/

    My husband and I were able to get the movie on You Tube, and cast it to our large screen.


    1. As long as you believe in true universalism; that no one will be punished for refusing to believe in Jesus as his god, I have no issue with your belief system.


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