The belief that "Legends do not develop quickly" is False

Evangelical Christian:

Your account of how the Gospels came to be written bears some resemblance to reality. But the Gospels hardly fall into the category of legend. Legends generally develop over a much longer period of time. The Gospels were all written within a generation of the events they record. C. S. Lewis was an astute enough literary critic to recognize, even in the days of his vague theism, that the Gospels were not legends.

Excerpt from this online News JournalMonitor

In Elian’s (Gonzalez, the Cuban boy rescued adrift at sea off the Florida coast in the early 2,000’s) case, the messianic stories began two days after the rescue, when a caller to one of Miami’s radio stations said he’d heard that the fisherman who rescued Elian on Thanksgiving Day had seen him surrounded by dolphins, traditionally the sea-bound messengers of angels.

In later versions, Elian was seen reaching his hand out to an angel floating above him. In some tellings, she is described as Our Lady of Charity, soother of panicked seamen. (In Cuban mythology, a virgin appeared before three fishermen lost at sea and promised to protect them. She led them to safety and they built a statue called Our Lady of Charity in her honor.) A recent drawing in La Verdad (The Truth), a popular Little Havana newspaper, shows young Elian resting peacefully in his inner tube staring into the sky as a school of dolphins leap around him and two angels hover above.

For anyone so inclined, a religious fevor took hold. Rumors that an image of the Virgin Mary appeared in a bank window soon drew believers to create a shrine of candles and pictures — and the bank to hire a security guard to protect the image from attempts to clean it off. The same day that Little Havana was abuzz over the bank apparition, members of the Gonzalez family believed that the Virgin also appeared on the mirror in the bedroom Elian shared with Marisleysis. Across the street, a poster portrayed Elian cradling the baby Jesus with the caption, “Elian Knows Christ — Others Do Not.” And perhaps the best example of the mondo weirdness surrounding the story, one reporter noted a man reciting the rosary through a megaphone outside the Gonzalez home — at midnight.


2 thoughts on “The belief that "Legends do not develop quickly" is False

  1. You waste more time trying to prove your new found discovery is true and your old belief is false. If one really believes something they don't have to work so hard to prove it. Unless of course they have an evangelical zeal such as you have. You have switched from one evangelical belief to another?


  2. Gary your blogs are getting more hilarious over time. Reading your blog is like reading a really bad gossip rag. Could you do some blogs against Bigfoot and Loch Ness soon?


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