Shame on you for telling Children that Santa Claus does not exist

What would you think of a grown man who spends the entire Christmas season telling little children that Santa Claus does not exist?  This man stands on street corners outside of grade schools with a big banner that reads:  “Santa Claus is a lie.  He isn’t real.  He is just a superstition.  Stop believing in Santa Claus!”

Big jerk, huh?  Why spoil a fun, cute, holiday myth for all those little kids, right?

But, what if the belief in Santa Claus wasn’t some cute little childrens’ fantasy?  What if the believers in Santa Claus, adults and children, did the following because of their belief in a real Santa Claus:

-Santa believers viewed non-Santa believers as evil: wicked persons deserving of eternal punishment by Santa in Santa’s torture chamber.
-Santa believers discriminated against non-Santa believers. 
-Santa believers created their own Santa Schools to keep their children separate from non-Santa believers.
-Historically, some Santa believers have gone so far as to attack and kill non-Santa believers.

If this were the case with the belief in Santa Claus, wouldn’t you have a different opinion of the man with the “Santa’s-not-real” banner standing next to the grade schools?

Some people get irritated at me for going on conservative Christian websites, telling Jesus Christ believers that Jesus isn’t real  (…anymore.  He’s dead).  If the belief in Jesus Christ were as harmless as the belief in Santa Claus, I wouldn’t.  But its not.  It is a deadly, dangerous belief.  It is the cause of massive persecution, discrimination, and suffering in this world.

I believe it is my duty, and the duty of every person who has escaped the brainwashing of conservative Christianity, to help expose this belief system for the false superstition that it is.


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