Should teaching Children about Hell be a Crime?

Imagine what would happen if the authorities found out that cult leaders and parents in a particular cult were telling their children that if the children did not obey the rules of the cult, they would be tossed into a boiling pot of liquid fire.

The leaders of the cult and the parents would most likely be put in jail.

So if conservative Christian clergy and parents threaten their little children with claims that an invisible ghost god is going to burn them alive if they do not obey the church’s rules, should these clergy and parents be subjected to the same punishment as the leaders and parents of the cult?

Should the teaching of Hellfire and damnation to children be a crime?

Let me know that you think.


4 thoughts on “Should teaching Children about Hell be a Crime?

  1. Would if be right for people to be imprisoned for teaching their children their is no God if in fact there is?

    Of course not.

    But then perhaps you are advocating for a society governed by The Thought Police that go around making sure everyone is thinking exactly as their governing authorities have determined they should.

    I reckon this is “Free Thinking” as the atheists have determined it to be. “You can think freely provided it is identical to how we think. Otherwise because what you teach your children is *mean* and *cruel* the GULAG will get cha!”

    This is of course antithetical to even the most basic rights of humans. We have the right to think what we wish (even if it is wrong) and we have the right to pass that system of thought on to our children (or not; it’s entirely up to the individual).

    Sorry, at least for now, in the United States, that is still protected by law.


  2. I believe in freedom of thought, speech, and religion. However, one person’s constitutionally protected rights cannot infringe on another person’s constitutionally protected rights. For instance, we do not allow parents to withhold life saving medication and treatment for their minor children, even if providing that treatment violates the parents’ religious beliefs. I believe that threatening children with being burned falls into the same category.

    Adults are certainly free to believe whatever they choose, but terrifying little children with threats of being burned alive for not obeying Mommy and Daddy’s invisible ghost god is child abuse.


  3. AH so it’s the pragmatic route?

    Then parents who teach their children there is no God and there is no Hell, should be imprisoned.

    Because withholding lifesaving information from them is abusive.


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